About us

PromoRepublic is a social media marketing platform for everyday use that helps small business owners gain more customers from social networks.

Our platform guides and automates effective social media marketing for small business owners.

Combining ease of use, co-marketing channels, technology-based content suggestions and templates, our platform provides an affordable service for first-time marketers and pros alike.

Our manifesto

Secret Sauce

Three key features that make PromoRepublic so effective:

Content Library

A library of pre-written templates for social media posts, special offers, promotions and other tools for communicating with and engaging customers.

Smart Technology

The PromoRepublic Engine suggests, automates and optimises social media marketing. With each new user and campaign, the PromoRepublic Engine becomes smarter and more effective.

Co-promotion (In development)

The co-promotion approach unites small businesses. It increases the reach of social media marketing by up to 50%.


Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in social media marketing. Seeing as marketing automation requires complex algorithms and so-called “big data” in order to work, we also have some tech gurus and analysts on board.

Management team

  • Pecherskyy

    Maksym Pecherskyy



    Co-founded a digital agency that within three years became one of the most successful of its kind. The agency has acquires large corporate accounts such as Kimberly Clark, Danone, Ferrero and Philips.

    10 years in digital marketing and sales
  • Baranovskiy

    Mikhail Baranovskiy



    Designed and programmed several social network engines as well as big data projects

    7 years in development in senior positions
  • Grabko

    Valeriy Grabko



    Entrepreneur who has founded a digital agency, built web services for SMEs and managed the online retail site Tut.ua.

    8 years in digital marketing
  • Paul Catwright

    Paul Cartwright



    Paul is a seasoned sales professional who has worked for and consulted Google, MyCityDeals/Groupon, RocketMail, what3words, Pressport, NationalHairService, Fuelmyblog, Fuelmywebsite, UniversalMusic, HandyBook, to name a few.

    Paul has been in the sales arena for just over 17 years.


  • Dukach

    Semyon Dukach


    Angel investor and managing director of Techstars Boston. US Investor in PromoRepublic.

  • Lottenbach

    David Lottenbach


    Strategy advisor for boards, CEOs and CxOs. Specialist in business model creation, leveraging and transformation. Investor in PromoRepublic.

  • Gichunts

    Kirill Gichunts


    Founding partner of Solar Hydrogen Holdings and Managing Partner of Eastlabs (VC accelerator fund of multi-billion European private equity and consulting company, Eastone). Previously worked as an investment banker where he completed award winning ECM and M&A deals.

  • Paananen

    Tiit Paananen


    Tiit began work at Skype in 2005. In the past two years, as General Manager of Skype Estonia, he has coordinated and engineered technical L&D, onboarding and community management operations. Currently Tiit participates in the Estonian Development Fund as Entrepreneur in Residence.