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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 3 minutes

3 things that you should know about GIFs

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cool GIFPeople who are using social media for a long time probably heard about things called GIFs. It`s not the most popular king of content in the social media, but when we need something non-standard to send a joke or a short message, the GIF is always appreciated.

What is GIF?

We don`t want to give a hard explanation here, so our definition will be easier. GIF is a short video (not more than 20 seconds) without any sound which used by social media users to describe some situations or to chat with each other. The most popular variants of GIFs are short scenes from films, TV shows or other videos downloaded by people.

However, not everyone could clearly understand how the GIF should be used, so right now we will give a short explanation of how to use this sort of content.

  1. Context is the key

Once the GIPHY team wrote a serious of tweets about GIFs and the main ideas was that we use such type of content to express ourselves and relate with others in a fun way. However, they mentioned that it`s important to know the context of every GIF you use. Don`t use an inappropriate GIF in your posts.

The salient point here is that GIFs, like any other content you use in the social media, should have an appropriate context. If there is no such context, it means that you have serious problems.

For example, you are going to write a tweet and add a GIF to your text to draw people`s attention. It`s the right method because there is a high possibility that they will miss you post. There it is: short message, cool GIF and Bam! Your tweet is ready. However, your GIF is out of context. This is a huge problem. Why?

The information flow in the social media too fast for people to concentrate on every post they see. However, if you will add something to your text (image or video or GIF), they will stop for a few seconds to check it. However, if they see that your Tweet doesn`t have anything in common with the message, they won`t react on the rest of your content. It means that you should pay attention to the context of every GIF that is used in your posts in every social media.

  1. Avoid being too casual

In another series of tweets, a GIPHY team said that using GIFs is like reciting movie quotes. When someone uses the perfect GIF, it`s entertaining. However, when a brand gets too meme-y or “hip with the kids”, it`s time to get off the Internet.

There is a strong line between entertainment and showcasing. Both of these methods are important in building a perfect brand. However, you should remember that you can`t always work with one part. Try to mix up your GIFs and show all aspects of your business. If it`s possible to show your services in a funny way, you can do it. However, if everything is too serious, you should better stay focused.

  1. Skip the overly branded content

And in another series of tweets written by GIPHY we can see the final thing: you should create your own interesting content and there is no need to put a brand logo in every single GIF in your posts. If you will always have a huge logo on your GIFs, it will be looking like a spam.

It doesn`t matter how huge your brand is. The thing is that you should present it right. You are not working for an advertising company and there is no need to mention your brand everywhere you want. You should tell people everything about your services and goods, make them sure that all actions that you perform will be good for them. That`s your main task.


So, now you know how to work with GIFs and make your brand popular enough for other users. We hope you will use these recommendations during your work.

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