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5 Recent Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Hacks to Boost Awareness and Increase Your Traffic

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Hello Content Hackers! As professional social media marketers, we are always looking for ways to get more out of the big three social channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While you might leverage LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube or Tumblr in your social media marketing (SMM), they are not the focus of our research for this article. We’ll get to them, and soon, so don’t worry. Today we’re talking about the three channels that give us the most ROI, the most engagement and the most traffic to your website, and some new hacks you can use to make them work even harder for you.

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Get More Exposure With Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments have been around since late 2015, but I’m really surprised more small brands aren’t using it. It gives the Twitterverse a page full of trending news topics, and when you click on one, it takes you to a page with lots of tweets about that topic. The wonderful thing about that? It shows tweets to everyone – even if they’re not following you. So, as a small business owner, a freelancer supporting a small business, or an agency doing social media work for a small business, this is a great opportunity to tweet about trending topics or events and be seen.

Many news outlets and large websites tend to get the sports, news and entertainment first page tweets, but the fun category is sort of up for grabs. Find a subject and create a relevant, valuable tweet (ideally with a visual component) and reply to one of the tweets there. People will see you, and hopefully they will start following you!

And hashtags of course! Don’t forget about their social media power. I revealed some hacks in one of my previous articles about How to Use Hashtags on Social Media.

Rock That Instagram Bio Link

Because you can’t actually post links on Instagram (YET), you can get around that by posting a link in your bio. It only takes a second to update it, and you can include the fact that a link is in the bio in your post copy. This isn’t a totally new idea. Lots of bigger brands are doing it, so people as a matter of course are checking bio links. Make sure yours is relevant. And, if you want people to take the time to click through to your bio, make sure your images are fantastic, your copy is spot on, and your hashtags are relevant and well-researched.


To change your bio link, just go to your profile, click Edit Your Profile at the top right, and put a link in your bio section. Write a good call to action to incite people to click. Make sure your bio description is clear, fun to read, and provide value to Instagram users.

It’s up to you whether or not to use emojis. Personally, I avoid them unless I’m helping a brand that has a young audience.

Get Serious About Reviews on Facebook

Lots of businesses look at the review section on Facebook as a “nice to have,” rather than a “must have.” Turns out, 92% of shoppers read online reviews before purchasing. Facebook reviews count. Not only is a brand’s Facebook page a place to establish the company identity and purpose, it can be a great place to collect positive customer reviews in an area where people can see them. Facebook reviews show up right on the main page, and you have the opportunity to promote great reviews in other ways.


For example, you could reach out to a reviewer and ask them if you can promote their review. Ask them if they would be OK with you using their photo, and summarize the review in a few words via an image post. Turn the post into an ad and geo-target your potential audience. Boom. You have an image-driven ad that’s reaching the right audience, and because you featured a real person, they’re likely to share it to their sphere of influence. Adding that personal touch can lead to conversion. Lots of it.

Dive a Little Deeper on Instagram With User Activity Research

You know if you click the little magnifying glass at the bottom navigation of Instagram, it will show you things you might like. Did you know you can also see what people you follow like? That’s why one of the best ways to grow your presence on Instagram is to follow accounts that relate to your industry. When you’re following some influencers, you can click the little heart icon instead. That will show you people who have liked and commented on your own photos, but if you click the “Following” tab at the top, you’ll see pictures and videos recently liked by the people you follow.


This will give you ideas of more people to follow, and, more importantly, give you an idea of what people in your sphere are liking. This will give you content ideas that you can execute on, and ideas for responses to threads that can get you noticed.

Seed Your Content in Facebook Groups

Facebook is full of groups that share content and ideas and provide a sense of community (even greater than the social media giant itself) to users. Using keyword searches, find some groups that are relevant to your industry and get familiar with the type of content you see there.

Then, once you post something from your own business page, go ahead and share it with the group. That way, the group sees any likes, comments or shares the post has already accumulated, which will help build trust because there is built-in social proof.

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