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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 6 minutes

How to attract the right Facebook subscribers for your business?

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business account FacebookFacebook is a huge and powerful system, which can help people to achieve success in different spheres. It could be a blog with hundreds of subscribers and millions of likes and shares, or it could be a page for your small business and you`re trying to grow it from zero.

This is a very long and difficult process that could went wrong if you want follow all basic instructions. However, the advantage of Facebook is that in this social media everyone could get everything he needs. Even if you failed with something, you will get your clients, sales, income and activity. Nevertheless, you should understand who will be your customer: how he looks like, what he prefers, how often he visits Facebook to check the news feed etc. If you are a beginner, it will be hard for you to find the perfect customers who will buy your product regular.

Why it`s important to have the right customers?

If we are talking about small business, we must admit that every businessperson has only one main target – income. And there is only one way to get this income – attract people who will give this income. However, if your page will have random subscribers who are not interested in your services or goods, they will go away. You won`t get active subscribers, your profile won`t have visibility and, as a result – your business will stagnate. To avoid this, you should attract only the right customers who are really interested in what you are doing.

In this article we will show you the most profitable ways of attracting the right customers on Facebook for your small business.

Create a Buyer Persona for your business Facebook account

customers on Facebook

This is the point you should start from. If you haven’t worked with customers earlier, this feature will help you a lot. A buyer persona is a semi-frictional representation of your perfect customer. There are some basic points this persona should include:

  • Background
  • Demographics
  • Potential problems your customers will face (one of your tasks is to solve that problems)
  • Common objection(s) of using your services
  • Overview of your marketing message to them

With the help of buyer persona, you will be able to upgrade your marketing skills on Facebook and target the right customers with your advertising messages or posts.

Persona will show what people are interested in your business, how old are they and who they are (adults or teenagers, women or men). It`s important because these points build the foundation of your success. Don`t neglect it.


Contact with your current Facebook fans. Don`t miss them

If you want to attract people for your page in the social media, you shouldn`t forget about your present fans. They have already come to you, so you can`t just leave them.

One of the easiest ways to be in touch with your customers is to install a “Like” button to your website, so people will put likes to your Facebook page without leaving your site.

Let them talk. You must know what they want


You should understand that people who use the social media to get income should always be active. If we are talking about our current situation with Facebook, it`s important for us to know what client wants. To make such process easier, you can create regular interrogations or voting. If course, people could show their point of view in comments to your early posts, but that will show your passive status. If you are not interested of giving people an enjoyable content, they can easily leave your Facebook page.


If you feel that likes on posts are not enough for you to have regular activity on the page, you can create a real conversation with your fans. The best way to do this is to use Facebook live. This program gives you an opportunity to start a live broadcast from every point on the planet where you have access to the Internet. You can do it from your personal computer, laptop or smartphone. The only thing you should do it to talk. Always.

Tell people something about your business, what you are planning to do in the next few weeks or months. Ask something, and you will get an immediate answer, because there is a chat, like on Twitch.

How can you get right customers from this move? If person visit Facebook live, open your live broadcast and then subscribes your Facebook page, you can count this as a successful promotion.

Share your Facebook post to get more likes on the page

Simple, but very effective method to attract people for your business. However, to make this feature work, you should be very active and know what to do.

First option of sharing your posts is to visit different forums and websites with the same topic as yours. People often create conversations to talk about problems they face or to talk about trends that will come to their sphere.

You can choose the best post you have on your page, copy the link into such conversation and write something like “Hey, guys. I`m a developer (name) and I`m working in this sphere (your current sphere) for a long time. (then you tell them about your business and what could they get from the post you`ve shared). If you enjoy such information, you can click on that link”.

Yes, someone can say that some of the forum`s users could be your potential competitors, but let`s be honest – they are on Facebook, too. So even if you will meet new rivals, you can get something from them or analyze their profiles and find weaker places in their content strategies.

The second option is to share your Facebook posts in other social media. However, it will be better for you to have an extra account for your business. If not, you can just put a link or make a screenshot and post a short message to tell your subscribers about business you are working with. Promotion is our key to success, remember that.


To sum up all that was said before, we want to give you one advice – work. Always work, work with on your content, work on your audience and, of course, work on your business. every social media is orientated on active people who are always upgrading their pages. If you want to attract the right audience for your Facebook account, you should be active. If not, there won`t be any visible result.

We hope that you enjoyed our article and will use these recommendations in future.

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