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Best Social Marketing Tools

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The Internet is becoming the main source of information, which, as a result, leads to the dynamic development of advertising in it. To date, most marketers understand the need for tools to measure their efforts. But as social media marketing grows, the number of tools for analyzing your efforts has increased dramatically. Having all the options, the question is which are the best for analyzing your brand’s activities?

Dozens of tools have been created for every aspect of the work of the marketing department. In this article, we will talk about the best tools, with the help of which any member of your marketing team will be able to increase the efficiency of their work.

Marketing Project Managerbest app for multiple social media accounts

Wrike allows you to plan and conduct online marketing campaigns in the working space in real time. Handling incoming requests, distributing tasks and tracking progress. With Wrike, all this can be done in a real-time workspace.

best social media dashboardCoSchedule. The thematic plan greatly simplifies the life of a marketing project manager, and CoSchedule is one of the best tools for this. You can plan blog posts, presence on social networks and much more in one place.

management system for notesEvernote is an excellent and free management system for notes, source documents, valuable information and even travelers’ checks. Thanks to the tagging system and numerous options for entering information, nothing is lost.

Google Trends


Google Trends. What keywords are relevant in your region at the moment? Google Trends shows data and related visual images so you can determine if any idea or keyword is appropriate for your campaign.


Content Strategies

Content InsightContent Insight. Content Insight’s content analysis tool helps you create a complete collection of existing content along with analytics data. Thanks to it, it will be easier for you to organize and repurpose content.

CurataCurata. The ability to find and publish up-to-date content with minimal time costs is extremely important, and Curata is the best tool for positioning your brand as an ideological inspirer.

AhrefsAhrefs. This tool is used to test the reverse channels of SEO, as well as to research the keywords of competitors. What content elements do your competitors use for SEO? What sites link to your posts? Ahrefs will answer all these questions.

SMM Manager

storyfiStorify. Collection of references in social networks of a specific topic or trend – a great way to get involved in a discussion, and Storify will help. You can collect all the best content from social networks in one place.

Buffer. The ability to schedule content publishing for various media platforms in one simple system is the basis for success in social networks, and Buffer was created just for this. Connect all your accounts and publish content immediately or according to a schedule.

social media marketing appsMailshake. Mailshake allows you to build relationships with powerful bloggers, who can then post your message to their subscribers. Authoritative blogger or celebrity is an important component of a good campaign in social networks.

BuzzSumo. With BuzzSumo, you can determine which content works best in your accounts and competitors. New forms of publications, research on social networks of competitors – and not only.

Hootsuite. Hootsuite supports collaboration with their accounts in social networks. You can create multiple users and multiple profiles for all brands or products of the company. Hootsuite even sends analytical reports to track success in social networks. An indispensable thing to manage all channels.Hootsuite supports

Data analytics

Landing Page Grader. Free tool created by LeadPages. Landing Page Grader allows you to enter the name of any site and determine whether it performs its task well.

Optimizely. With Optimizely, you can conduct A/B testing, track conversion possibilities and analyze the results on the entire site.

what are the best social media toolsKissmetrics. If online commerce is a part of your business, you need to know how your customers behave on the site and on the checkout page. As soon as a site visitor becomes a client, Kissmetrics binds his actions on the site to a client profile.

SEMrushSEMrush. You’ll probably run organic and paid search campaigns, but do you know how effective your keywords are? SEMrush helps you evaluate these results.




Outreach. How to find out what your potential customers are reading or downloading? What messages will find their response? Outreach is equipped with powerful analytics that will help marketers determine the audience’s interest in the content.

For the success of your SMM marketing strategies, it is important for you to choose the relevant set of tools for their evaluation. Most likely, you will need more than a single tool. So, concentrate on the social networks in which you want to achieve your goals, and, based on them, choose ways to analyze your success.


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