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Best ways of using Facebook insights to improve social media marketing

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Social media marketing is probably the most powerful thing in the Internet today. Developers use social media to improve their business and every new developer could easily move his business on the platform like Facebook.

However, to launch the process and get all advantages, you should know some extra tricks that could increase your activity. First of all, you should know about Facebook insights. There are some easy receptions that will help you to work with every Facebook insight and use it for social media marketing.

  1. Work with “Pages to watch” to monitor the activity of your peers.

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This point helps you to understand what content will be more convenient for you and you customers. For this you need to analyze pages of brands and companies that have similar services or goods. You are able to see their total activity on Facebook, their post timing (how many posts per week they have), the number of likes and shares and, of course, the number of subscribers. Such social media insight will be working in every sphere of business and every developer could work with “Pages to watch” and use this information for improving.

  1. Keep an eye on your customers.

It`s a very important part of reading Facebook insights because your audience will make difference for you. If you have more subscribers than your competitor, you will probably have more sales.

You should create a posting schedule pushing away from your customer`s activity. For example, if you see that a bigger part of them visit Facebook in the first half of the day, you should post content to your page in this period of time to get more likes, shares and views. If you will ignore this detail, you may use many potential clients because when people see your post at the end of the line, they won`t pay attention to it. Remember that.

  1. Analyze your content.

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You shouldn`t always create your content by the same principles. Be creative. Use images of different size, include infographic to replace a part of a text. Clients won`t always read texts written by the same algorithm or with the same structure. That`s the core princip of building a content plan for your Facebook page.


Here we showed you basic principles of reading Facebook insights to improve social media marketing, ways to promote business through social media
If you will find the perfect mix of these points, we can guarantee that the activity of your page will grow immediately.


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