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social media terms
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 3 minutes

The most common social media terms. A short list for beginners

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The most common social media termsEach sphere where we work has a list of phrases, terms and terms that mean something in this current sphere. And, when a person came to this sphere in order to start working, he or she couldn`t know something that other people do. In social media we`ve seen hundreds of situations when people were using wrong terms, so other developers couldn`t understand them.

So, to avoid such situations in future, we`ve collected the most important social media terminologies that every marketer should know.


It`s not a term, but people often forget what this symbol means. It`s called an octothorpe, and we are using it to create a hashtag.


Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to intelligence exhibited by machines.


A rules-based procedure for making calculations or solving problems. We can see algorithms everywhere in computer science and software that we use for work. If we are talking about social media, important algorithms for us are those that determine which content we see.

Social media algorithms have a massive effect on your brand`s online visibility.


With analytics, you are able to see what`s happening with your social media profile (how many people visit it, who liked it, who liked or shared your post etc.).

Audience selector

A tool that allows you to choose which audience you want to share something with on Facebook.

Average handling time

The average time of required for a company, team or individual to resolve customer issues on social media from the beginning to the end.

Average response time

This term means the length of time that is needed for company, team or individual to reply a customer`s message while resolving an issue.


A Bio, short for word “biography”, a kind of information in the social media that tells us about user (his name, age, location, gender, place of work etc.). All social platforms have some version of a Bio as they are valuable in attracting new followers with similar interests.


This is a special function in Twitter, which enables you to prevent another user from:

  • Following you
  • Adding you to their Twitter list
  • Tagging you in a photo
  • Having their mentions and replies appear in your notifications or mentions tab

Brand advocate

A very popular term in social media world. Brand advocate is a customer that is so satisfied with your product that they go out of their way to help you market it.


A short description for Instagram photo. A good caption is a key to success in your social media business.


A type of bots that live in messaging applications (Facebook messenger or WhatsApp) and use AI to create simulated conversation. They could be used for customer service, data collection or other important tasks.


A Facebook term, which denotes that user has physically visited a geographical location or event.


Kind of content with misleading or sensationalists headline that entices readers to click through to the full story, usually with the goal of generating page views an advertising revenue. People hate clickbaits because they think that this is unnecessary thing in the Internet, especially in social media.

Community management

It`s the practice of developing relationships around a common interest. This is done by monitoring and engaging with users who engage with the common interest. The goal is to nurture relationships so that the community acts and advocates on behalf of the common interest.

Content marketingContent marketing

Probably the most common social media term of all time. It`s a marketing strategy based on attracting and retaining customers through the creation and distribution of valuable content and like videos, images, guides and infographics. The main task of content marketer is to earn customer loyalty and influence decisions by providing useful, entertaining or educational media.

Content rate

The amount of content produced in a designated time period.

So, here it is. Of course, we can continue this list for a long time, but there is no need of it. With this article, you will know what each of these terms means and how to explain them to other users.


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