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What is meme
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 3 minutes

Express guide how to create your own meme

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In social media, we accustomed to see hundreds of people`s posts every day. All this information is staying in our mind for a short period of time, and then we forget about it.  However, if something that we see is really unusual or funny, we will remember it much longer than something else. One of the most common types of unusual information is meme. You`ve probably know about them, because they can appear everywhere, even if we didn`t expect them.

What is meme?

Meme is a funny piece of content (video, GIF, image or piece of text), which is rapidly by users in the Internet. We often can see memes made of popular films, TV serials, old-time videos or something that could be forgotten from the first time. People can just pick up a memorable frame and write something that will make you laugh. We don`t know how, but it works in 90% percent of the time (in other 10% people fail with their memes).

In some cases, memes could become a strong weapon for brands in social media. They could use them for promotion and to show that their goods or services are the best and customers should work with them. Today, we will show you examples of the most popular brand memes that earned huge success in the social media.

Jimmy John`sproduct memes

Everyone enjoys eating sandwiches. Big, tasty sandwiches with ham, cheese, salat and special sauce. Jimmy John`s are experts in the sphere of making and selling sandwiches and memes play a huge role in their promoting campaign.

If we will visit their Twitter account, we will see that are using some kind of product memes. For example, they can pick up a photo of their sandwich (you know how it looks like) and compare it with a piece of brad with butter and cheese (simple sandwich that is popular between students and schoolkids. Then they add a description like “You vs the guy she tells not to worry about”. For the first time, it seems unfunny. However, then you pay attention to the “guy” (Jimmy John`s sandwich) and realize that it is much better than a piece of beard that you will do on your own.


If you didn`t hear about Barkbox earlier, we can say that this is subscription service company that made for dog owners. If you are a dog owner, you just need to specify the size of your dog friend, how frequently you want to gift him with the toys, treats, and chews and then boxes show up at the 15th of the month. Barkbox have over 1.2 million subscribers on the Instagram and keep getting more by sharing memes they create by themselves.

The most popular type of their memes is a video. They pick up a video with a dog in the box and add a funny phrase on the top that user is able to see it and watch the video. Then, when video runs, people see that dog is doing something that makes them laugh. There is a hundred percent possibility that users will start following the Barkbox account after seeing such meme.

How to create your own meme?

Now, when you saw some examples of good company memes, we will tell you how to create your own (maybe you want to try this practice in your business, too). So, you pick up a special program (we recommend Meme Generator) and create your own meme. If it is a photo, just add a funny description made with a specific print. If it is a video material, repeat the procedure, but notice that text should be in static.

Now you know how to create memes to attract people and generate unusual content.  We hope that you`ll use this information while working with your social media business account.

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