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content marketing
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 3 minutes

How to create your content marketing

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Many people ask the question “What is the content marketing?”. First of all, this implies the creation of professional content, which gives certain results provided for in the marketing strategy. It implies the following:

content marketingBrand promotion.

Attracting traffic to the site.

Increase audience loyalty and reputation management.

Communication with the audience.

Increase the knowledge of the target audience about the brand / product.


Stages of strategy in content marketing

You need to determine your target audience and conduct market analysis. Find out what your customers love and what they want, as well as where they are present. This way you will understand where you will post the material.


Preparing a content plan.

Decide on the type of content, as well as schedule the placement of materials and on what site it will be.


Publication of materialsSelection of performers.

We recommend looking for employees specializing in your field of business. So you get a right and competent material.


Publication of materials on a paid and free basis within the site, on external sources.

Try to place materials not only inside your social pages, but also in popular groups, having previously agreed with the administration.


Fill up the materials. Develop activity around materials.

After distribution, you should write comments, enter hashtags and make reposts to other resources.


Evaluation of the results.

Summarize all your actions, see how many views your posts scored, how many customers attracted it, how many sales were done.


Scripts in content marketingScripts in content marketing

The scenario includes brief, on the basis of which a content marketing strategy is formed. First, the main goal of the campaign is determined. Sometimes you don’t need a famous, often you need to work with a reputation. After, the company’s resources are calculated for the implementation of a marketing strategy. You need to know how many materials you are ready to publish, on how many sites, and who will do it. It also indicates minor goals, and then you analyze the results of the work.

There is a task – promotion of a blog (information resource). In this case, the main goal of content marketing strategy is to attract the audience to the blog. Secondary goals may be to increase loyalty, brand awareness, traffic, sales. All that can be counted.


Sample content plan

All materials are conventionally divided into two types:

for search queries


effectiveness of content marketingMaterials for requests should bring traffic, so it is advisable to post them both on the blog and on third-party resources. Viral materials are created in order to cause the desire to purchase a product or service. They easily publications spread among the target audience and often it is written specifically for the groups. If the blog is new, then the first week you need to create content only for it. From the second week, you can try to place content on other sites and intensively provide the distribution of content outside the blog.

Evaluating the effectiveness of content marketing

When the task is to get an audience, then you need to look at the number of subscriptions, audience activity (likes, comments and repost), traffic (cost of transition for a certain period of the material’s life). Pay special attention to this parameter, because it will not work if you threw all your forces on one material and made only 2 reposts. Also, Analyze registration by order forms, calls, etc.

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