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social media posting calendar
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 5 minutes

How to create a social media content calendar?

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In the social media, it`s all about posting. Every day people open their social media profiles to see what`s going on in the world and what their friends posted today.

Posting is the thing, which is important for every social media user. If you are not posting, your profile quickly became uninteresting for your subscribers. At the same time, you can`t post every time you want or every time you have something in mind. If we are talking about social media marketers, who are posting for their target audience in the social media, it`s very important to know when to post. So, if you want to rearrange your posting mechanism, you should create your own social media publishing calendar. In this article, we will tell you how to create and optimize your own social media calendar. So, let us start.

  1. Choose your social media platforms

First of all, you should clearly understand what you will be working with. Of course, if you will have only one platform, you won`t get the needed result. So, the choosing process should be standing on the first place for you. For example, you can start with the most popular platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Why you should pick them? Well, today people are visiting them more often than other platforms like LinkedIn or Pinterest.

While working with huge social media, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Work with big audience
  • Use different types of content
  • Connect with other developers
  1. Use different types of content. Mix them

As we told earlier before, you should work with all sorts of information that are available for your social media. It`s important, because nowadays people are getting tired of reading text posts without any images or GIFs. If you are reading an interesting text, your brain is visualizing it, so you can have a better understanding of information that comes to you. For example, you can add some images to your text posts, so user will have a better understanding about your text.

Or, you can break your content in two parts: the first part will be in a form of a text, and the second one will be in visual form. How it looks like? You write a text part and in the last sentence say something like “to have a better understanding of this problem, pay attention to the image below”. Of course, you can use video content or infographic instead of image. The main task is to show that you can generate different types of content for social media posts  and it will be easy for people to work with it.

  1. Don`t miss any important date

People enjoy working with the social media because there they can easily find out something new for themselves. For example, it could be a new important day in the calendar. Creators are paying attention to such thing, because for them it`s an opportunity to add one more post to their profile and, as a result, increase traffic. We don`t need examples to explain why you should pay attention to the dates. You just need to start work, and when the first important date appears in your calendar, you will know what to do.

  1. Work effectively with your social media posting calendar

Another huge advantage of social media calendar is that you already know how much time should be spent on work. Let`s suppose that today is Monday morning, and you need to upload new posts to Facebook and Instagram in the evening. What does it mean? It means, that you can easily spend the rest of the day on something, which is not dedicated to your posting plan (working on the posts for the next days or checking out the news feed).

The main problem for young developers is that they don`t want to use social media calendar or schedule. They think that it will be easily for them to add posts at the same time every day. However, such principle doesn`t work. People can`t visit all social media platforms in one moment, and there is no need for you to copy all posts to all platforms that you are working with.

  1. Use benefits of the social media platforms

We know that all social media platforms have it`s own distinctive features. For example, Instagram and Facebook give you an ability to record stories (short videos that disappear after 24 hours) or even give live broadcasts with the help of IGTV and Facebook Live. What does it mean? It means that you are able to adapt your social media posting calendar to such tools and make your social media content more diverse. For example, with live broadcasts you are able to chat with your audience and get a massive feedback from them (comments and likes). You will understand what your audience enjoys most and which content is less interesting for them.

Best examples of social media calendars

We think that it`s impossible to give advices without showing you a qualitative example. So, right here you will se the best (in our opinion, of course) social media strategy example. Remember that you can use these examples for creating your own posting calendar.

Forbes best examples of social media

The main feature of this business magazine is that it maps out the overall theme for each issue and what key pieces of content will be included in each. The digital content calendar outlines content “programs” scheduled for web publishing. The stars are used to mark programs that will face changes.

National Geographic

We can`t imagine that the most popular resource about wild and nature is not using the social media posting calendar. It`s calendar includes details on key articles for each month`s issue. This part of the calendar maps out four key elements that the magazine plans to tackle over the course of the year, which issues they`ll talk about them in and how they approach each.

Here we can see an excellent example of high-level thematic planning and how it works together with a traditional editing calendar to create a comprehensive overview of upcoming content.


So, we`ve told you how to optimize your social media posting calendar and showed you the best examples of using this feature for optimizing content. You can be sure that after a few days of using, you will understand how cool such scheduling tool can be. We hope that you enjoyed the article and will use our recommendations while working with your social media content.

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