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How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy

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Twitter’s microblogging service is one of the world’s largest social media platforms: it has 300 million active users worldwide, another half a billion unregistered visitors are looking for information in it, and the number of mobile app installations is approaching a billion. If used correctly, Twitter can be a unique platform for brands to communicate with the audience.

You wonder, how to build a marketing campaign on Twitter? Let’s see.

Capitalize your own brand

Brand capitalization is an increase in awareness. Increasing the number of subscribers and increasing its presence in the info space, you gradually gain popularity. Well, fame increases credibility in the eyes of users and contributes to the influx of customers.

Formation of the target audience

By posting info about the cultivation of cucumbers, you will attract workers of the garden and garden front. By sharing info about your activities and your services, you will gain the attention of interested parties. They are the target audience. Аrom their ranks you get the ready customers.


Exchanging messages with potential and real customers allows you to discuss business issues, get an assessment of your own services, agree on the delivery of new products, etc. Communication simplifies life.twitter strategy

Presentation of products

Here you are not limited to anything. Advertising, description, placement of photos and videos – Twitter gives you an opportunity to promote your product from all angles and with any comments.

Realization of direct or indirect sales

Again, no restrictions. You can simply promote your services or post direct links to relevant pages in online stores.

Promotion of corporate content and traffic growth

Sharing materials from your site or blog on Twitter is an exellent way to increase their ranking in search. External links and new readers will help push corporate content to the top. Thus, Twitter is also an SEO tool. Not bad.

Use of tags

The well-known hashtag first appeared on Twitter. Today it is placed everywhere and greatly facilitates the search for info. For example, you click on #basketball and receive all relevant responses to the request.twitter marketing plan

Hashtags are an important point that advertisers often lose sight of and without which conversion is significantly reduced. Hashtags help start a conversation, build it in the right direction, or join the agenda. The most popular hashtags for users at the moment can be found in the “Hot Topics”.

Hashtags should not be abused, they should not be more than one or two, a maximum of three. As practice shows, tweets with one or two hashtags get more retweets than tweets with a few. The hashtag should be treated as Call to Action.

Followings, reposts, likes

Any activity on Twitter is not unnoticed. Its addressee (the account you subscribed to, the author of the post you like, etc.) instantly receives a corresponding notification. In this way, you kind of offer yourself: make contacts and grow connections. And then, according to the scheme: brand capitalization, the formation of the target audience, product presentation, etc.twitter strategy for business

Placement of media content

Pictures, gifs, videos make the posts more presentable and noticeable. And this should not be neglected.


Firstly – it is fascinating. Secondly, it guarantees feedback from readers (communication simplifies life). Back in 2016, Twitter users were able to conduct surveys using the Customer Feedback service, which gives them an opportunity to study the loyalty and satisfaction index. And this is a pure tool for business.

Twitter is a trend, growing tool for products or services. It helps you to increase brand awareness, contributes to the search and attraction of the target audience, and also provides the possibility of individual and group communication. Of course, a social network (at least for the time being) cannot be the main lever for promoting a business. However, its effectiveness as an auxiliary marketing tool can be quite high.

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