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Daily hashtags
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 5 minutes

Daily hashtags and everything that you need to know about them

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How would we live without hashtags? It`s hard to imagine such situation. When hashtags appeared in the social media, people started to use them from the first day. Why? Well, because with hashtags you have a better navigation through all information on the platform. With hashtags, you are able to get more likes, comments and shares under your post and, finally โ€“ you will get more subscribers. Impressive, right. However, many people don`t realize the real potential of these marks, and today we will talk about it.

Daily hashtags

In simple words, daily hashtags are dedicated to one day of the week and people are using them at the descriptions every time when it`s needed. In this article, we will mention all popular daily hashtags and when should we use them.



Everyone hates Mondays, and it`s normal. You have to wake up, eat your breakfast as quickly as possible and run to your work. Your colleagues are sleepy, so you can`t start your week normally. However, you should get up and start working. You`ve already waked up and came to the office. That`s massive! You shouldn`t stop! To get an extra power for the rest of the day, you need #MondayMotivation. This Monday hashtag is used for posts with motivational quotes or videos, and after them people start doing everything as usual.


You feel yourself low after the weekend? It`s not a problem, because with the Monday hashtag called #MondayBlues you can find a specific content that will help you to beat melancholy. When you will see an image of people drinking coffee, you will go and make another one for yourself. That`s what you need, because the body will have an energy shot.


This hashtag becomes actual when people want to tell their fans about their favourite music. You started a day from a favorite song in the playlist? Your favorite singer has a special date today? Tell everyone about it with the help of #MusicMonday.


The hardest day of the week is over. You`ve get your motivation and now it`s time to continue the working process. With these thoughts we are moving to our Tuesday hashtags.


You want to visit a new country during the next vacation, but you haven`t decided where to go? Don`t worry, because with the help of #TuesdayTravel you will find new interesting places in countries that you`ve never seen before.


You need a piece of advice to solve your problems? Just search with the hashtag #TipTuesday, and you will find what you need. People can help you just printing two or three sentences and adding this post to their timeline. Go and check for the new tips on Tuesday.


It`s already the middle of the week! Well done, just keep going. There are some Wednesday hashtags that can help you to move forward.


Many people think that Wednesday is the longest day of the week, which makes it the worst day of the week. However, you shouldn`t always think about it. Just share a photo that makes you happy and add #WonderfulWednesday to the description.


There are two more working days left. If someone in your company starts to be lazy or don`t want to do something, tell him a good wisdom. You can find many examples of such phrases with the #WednesdayWisdom hashtag.


Thursday is the fourth working day of the week, which means that we`ve already completed a bigger part of our regular task. Let`s see what Thursday hashtags we have here.

#ThrowbackThursday or just #TBTThrowbackThursday or just #TBT

You remember something that happened with you a long time ago? You have an image to describe it? So, share it in the social media using #ThrowbackThursday hashtag. Tell your fans a story that they don`t know. People enjoy such things!


It`s the final round between you and your everyday tasks. Everything you need to do is to complete each of them and give yourself a rest. So, let`s have a look on Friday hashtags.


It`s always pleasantly to get new subscribers in the social media, so why not to help people to gain more fans. With #FollowFriday you recommend people to start following one or more accounts that you like. If a bigger part of your audience have the same interests as you, it will be a great deal to give the what they like.


It`s like #ThrowbackThursday, but on Friday. If you miss the challenge of Thursday`s hashtag, you still are able to correct your โ€œmistakeโ€. Post something that you really enjoyed.


The fans of theory and science, this Friday hashtag was made for you. With it`s help people usually post any statistical information, scientific facts and everything that belongs to this sphere. Of course, they choose something that their audience enjoy.


It`s Friday evening, and it`s time to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. With #FridayFun you can post a joke or anecdote that will make people fell themselves relaxed.


The first day of your beautiful weekend began, so it`s time to use Saturday hashtags.


If you love cats or you already have one, it`s time to make a post about this beautiful animal.


The second day of the weekend is on, so you must make it as cool as possible. Sunday Hashtags will help you.


You have only positive emotions on this day, so you should share it with other people. Take a picture of yourself and share your smile with your fans. Don`t forget to add #SelfieSunday!


Do you enjoy your Sunday? You have fun on this day? Share it in the social media with the hashtag #SundayFunday. Make other people feel your emotions. Who knows, maybe their Sunday is as cool as yours.


Finally, we`ve build a full week made of special hashtags that could describe what we are doing, what we are thinking about and what things are the best for us. We hope you enjoyed the article and your week will always be with at least seven hashtags. Good luck!

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