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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 3 minutes

Effective Facebook Posting Strategy

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In case you want to run an effective Facebook strategy, then direct advertising is a good way to quickly get new leads. But, if you desire to exploit all the power of Facebook, it is recommended to create a full-fledged business page, properly design and promote it.


Ways to implement effective Facebook marketing


Proper design of the business page

  1. Avatar.

On the page itself, the image is displayed in the extension 170×170 px. If you post important information or small items, upload a larger image. Opening the avatar by clicking, the visitor will be able to view all the small details without losing quality.

  1. Cover.

Cover photoThis element is significant because it takes up most of the screen. Visually, each user primarily pays attention to the cover.

Therefore, the element is often used to advertise new products or services in stock. The cover is also clickable. If you advertise here, add a link to the image description. Calls to action greatly increase the number of clicks.


  1. Page info.

best times to post facebookGetting on your page, a person should realize what is being offered here. To perform this, give maximum info about you. Be sure to fill in the contacts, specify what you do, download multimedia files. Business pages can be supplemented with reviews and ratings. Ask customers to write comments in these blocks. This is a very important trigger, which largely affects the decisions of new customers.

A personal page is filled in approximately the same way. The goal remains the same – to tell subscribers about yourself. At the same time be concise. Include only the most valuable and important information.

  1. Clear and short URL.

This will help you in promoting the page. Users can quickly go to your business profile for a direct link. You can set a new address in the “Information” section.


Facebook presents a great variety of content. Post short articles or announcements of articles from the blog. Add videos, infographics and other multimedia elements. Study audience requirements. Find out what interests your potential customers have. Get right into the “aim” of content to get attention.


best times to post for social mediaFor brands today, instant messenger is both the first point of contact with the client and long-term communication. Writing to the company’s instant messenger is now as fast and simple as writing to a friend – why not use it? You can use chatbot or organize live user support with the help of managers.


  1. Invite your audience to put “I like”.

At the start of the promotion, exploit all opportunities to gather an audience for free. There are users in your friends’ list who are interested in your suggestions. Create a mass offer.

  1. Direct to your Facebook page.

Add a link to the page if you already have an audience on other social networks. Make short links to track the number of clicks.

  1. Find business pages for mutual PR.

Find pages that fit your topic. Analyze everyone who subscribes to them. If the audience is contiguous, offer the recipients mutual PR.

The bottom line is that you are posting with a link to a partner’s page. That, in turn, does the same. Note that the number of subscribers should be about the same.

  1. Leave comments on other business pages.

Find the accounts your audience subscribes to. Write them on a separate list and comment on the notes regularly. This will attract the attention of users to your page.

Properly configured Facebook page is will definitely positively affect your business. With the responsible approach of organizing Facebook page elements, you will see the results immediately.



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