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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 5 minutes

Very effective steps of increasing your Facebook organic reach and growing your audience

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Today, marketers who work with social media platforms spend weeks on creating and upgrading their content strategies, and, unfortunately, they get a negative result like little traffic and engagement. In some cases, people even start to lose their subscribers and regular customers.

Facebook organic reach Do you think that they did something wrong? No, they just forgot about the truly power of Facebook organic reach. According to the statistics from SocialFlow, brands saw a 42% decline in Facebook organic reach within the first two quarters of 2016. Additionally, data showed by the third quarter of 2016, brands experienced a 52% decline on Facebook Pages. Yes, you can say that this information is too old to orientate on it, but we can say that we haven`t seen a better result from paid reach in any other social media.

Unfortunately, the bigger part of Facebook marketers don`t know exactly how to work with organic reach. So, to solve this problem, we will show six effective steps of increasing Facebook organic reach for your brand.

  1. Use Facebook as a community hubfacebook community

You face troubles while building your audience on Facebook business page? Ask yourself a question – why people should follow you on Facebook? If people won`t get something after putting you a like, there is no reason for them to do something.

However, when you will give them a real reason to follow you, everything will change. An effective way of increasing your Facebook community is by making a hub for discussions. It doesn`t matter what form of communication you will use (weekly chats or Q&As), making your Facebook page the go-to spot will help.

Show your subscribers something unique that they could get only from your Facebook page. If people know that they will get a reward for their actions, they will stay on the page, and you will need to stay active every day.

  1. Funnel Traffic from other pages

Building that initial audience is one of the hardest parts on the way to increase Facebook organic reach. And an easy way to increase traffic is to remind your audience in other channels about your Facebook presence.

We`re not recommending you to go overboard with simple Tweets and Instagram posts linking to your Facebook profile. At the same time, how can you show people where to find you on Facebook with the help of Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn?

What about social media bio? You can just put a link on the top of your page on each platform, so users will only need to click on it and go on your page. Again – there is no need to put a link on your posts every time. You have one place for marking your Facebook profile, and you will use it for the whole time.

  1. Collaborate with influencers

influencersAccording to the statistics from MuseFind, 92% of consumers are most likely to trust a social media influencer over and ad post or celebrity endorsement. It`s still a workable method of funneling potential customers.

You might not find that many influencers willing to work for free, so try to sweeten the deal with perks to help their brand to recognize on your website or through link building. However, you don`t want to email them. No one wants. So, you need to use influencer search tools. For example, it could be a BuzzSumo – a perfect place to locate, analyze or discover non-celebrity influencers in your industry.

Be careful to research your results by looking influencers up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to be sure they`re active with their audience.

Follow users on sites and forums, interact and engage, and then begin discussing collaborative strategies that could help you. Show influencers that you`ve invested and tell them your real problems like “nobody visits my profile on Facebook”.

  1. Know your optimal times to post on Facebook

For every social media, a post time is very important thing. With the posts added on the right time, you have all chances to get a huge traffic and engagement.

To find out when to post, you should analyze your audience and find out the period when all your fans will be online. Your posts will appear on the top of their news feed, so they will read it and put likes or even share it. Create a personal posting schedule for yourself and use it every time you need to post something on Facebook. You can be sure that with this feature your organic reach will rise to the highest point.

  1. Schedule consistent content

When you have leaned how and when you need to post on Facebook, it`s time to make sure your content is consistent. If you thing that this aspect is not critical for increasing your organic reach, think again, because it`s a critical point.

Think about what social media actually does for your followers – it`s a line of communication where you are building a strong relationship. If you are posting a few times per month, it`s not a strong communication that you`ve dreamed about.

Increasing Facebook organic reach is about being persistent with your content. You built trust with your audience and post content dedicated to topics they enjoy.

  1. Don`t just rely on organic content

The last point of our article. It`s in your interest to use as many types of Facebook channels as possible, including pay advertisements. If you want to build a successful marketing strategy, you must pay for advertising.

When you rely only on organic content, you miss an opportunity to grow your audience. With paid ads, you will be able to increase visibility, so more people will see ads and part of them will follow you after seeing it.

Final thoughts

That`s all. We showed you the most workable tips for increasing your organic reach on Facebook. We hope that you will use them after reading this article and your audience will grow immediately.

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