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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 4 minutes

How to Fix Facebook Organic Reach

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In an effort to improve the user experience, Facebook has reduced the number of messages from companies in the news. This decision greatly influenced users who noticed a sharp decline in engagement and a drop in traffic. Everything happened rapidly, the curves of the graphics went down a few days after the algorithm was changed.

Prior to the January update, marketers struggled to maximize the number of interactions in order to raise publications in the news feed. After updating the comments and shares, it is no longer enough. Now, brands and publishers need meaningful reach on facebook


How to fix Facebook organic reach?


Find out when your subscribers are usually online

Monitor the dynamics of your audience’s activity throughout the day and determine the best time to publish content on this social network.

Let people post content on your Facebook page

When Facebook users post on your page or mention your brand, their activity is displayed in the news feeds of their friends. This is important for viral coverage.

As soon as the user comments on something or shares something on your page, his friends on the social network also see everything that happens in the general tape.

Hold a competition for the best title or caption to the image

Holding competitions for the best caption to the image – one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract the attention of a wide audience and increase viral coverage.

Reply to comments

In order for the community around you to grow and be maintained, you need to regularly communicate with users. People are in a social network because they want to be heard. That is why it is important to respond to all comments.

Mark commentators when writing an answer

Commenting on commentators when you answer them on a page to a question or a critical commentary is not just a good form, but also a great way to engage them in discussion and increase organic reach.facebook reach decline

Mark other pages and offer links to them

Promoting good ideas and suggestions from other people and projects is not embarrassing. On the contrary: a positive recommendation always pays off for you with pluses in karma and positive reviews.

Republish content that has generated a lot of feedback

Content strategy concerns not only the creation of new content but also the ability to work repeatedly with the content that already exists.garrett clutter facebook

Embed the most popular content in blog posts

Using popular posts from the social network in the context of blog posts and website pages is another additional opportunity to draw audience attention to your content.

Any post on your Facebook page can be embedded in a blog or website.

Chat with your friends

Often keep in touch with friends in social networks, while offering them interesting posts from your Facebook page. You don’t need to force them, you don’t need to spam either – but you still need to offer and periodically repost the content. This works especially well if you have friends whose industry, current work or area of interest intersects with the content on your page.

Post the best pictures on Pinterestorganic reach facebook

When you publish an image on Pinterest, you have the option of linking Internet addresses to a published image: after clicking on a picture, the user will automatically follow the link.

Try using these tactics to work with the highest-rated images from your Facebook page.


What else do you need to maintain communication on Facebook and fix organic reach?

Post the best pictures on Pinterest

Of course, understanding the audience is crucial, but not the only condition. There are other ways to break the silence under your posts.

  1. Be a leader of opinions. Publish fresh, relevant content that will encourage users to share their opinions on the topic.
  2. Be courageous and suggestive. A firm position and a clear opinion guarantee that a lively discussion will ensue.
  3. Follow popular topics and offer them for discussion. Join popular discussions that concern the public and use the hype to your advantage.
  4. Appeal to emotions. Emotional posts will cause empathy among users and motivate them to share their own feelings.
  5. Ask for the opinion of the audience. Ask your audience for an opinion, but make sure your request does not look like intrusive spam.
  6. Communicate with the audience in the comments. Do not leave commentators in “suspended” state. Answering, you show that you hear and appreciate their point of view.
  7. Publish content regularly. Regularity means more content, more content – more comments, more comments – more chances to raise positions in the news feed.

The latest Facebook update has changed the views on the involvement of social network users. A large number of substantive comments is now a “vanity metric” and provides organic coverage in the news feed. That is why it is time for marketers to abandon the “bait” and learn to engage the audience in meaningful communication. In 2018, this is a key element of any SMM strategy.

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