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Richard Pritchard in Misc Reading time: 5 minutes

How to Grow Your Twitter Following?
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It’s simple – get involved in Twitter, expand the channels of contact with the client and increase your audience.

The ones who understand how to win a large number of readers on Twitter are bloggers. After all, they have a special strategy: in the title of their names, there is a hint about the content of the blog.

Bloggers who want to succeed, rush to establish contact with their followers, as well as to attract new and keep the old subscribers. And really, there is no better way than Twitter to attract readers to their sites and blogs.


Tips on how to get a twitter following


  1. The first thing a potential subscriber sees is a logo. So prepare a beautiful logo. Cool, if this image has also the name of the site to make it easier for people to navigate.twitter following
  2. Header should be relevant to the theme of your site and carry additional information about your company. After all, it will be easier for subscribers to look at pictures than to read the account description.Cover photo
  3. Proper description. It must be present and also accurately and briefly describe your business. It is advisable to use keywords with which the target audience can find you. Also in the description you can add links to the site, groups in other social networks. You can also add a couple of hashtags.

To attract twitter audience, the channel must be interesting. Therefore, each post should carry some value for readers. And then they will be happy to read your every post.

If you can get a lot of retweets, then you can get a lot of followers. Each retweet of your tweet will bring several new followers.

  1. Share interesting and high-quality content on your Twitter account. Accordingly, such posts will collect many retweets, and you will receive more and more new followers.
  2. Use beautiful tweets in the form of pictures. Visual elements are much better attracting the attention of users. It is a fact. Moreover, tweets in the form of pictures attract much more attention in the tape, because most tweets are regular texts. And, as soon as something changes, the user immediately notices it. It will be difficult and time-consuming to create tweets in the form of pictures via Photoshop or other complex tools for the internet marketer. Therefore, you can use special services where you already have a huge database of pictures and all you need to do is insert a piece of text and save the picture to your computer. With ready texts, the whole process will take less than a minute.growing twitter
  3. Intrigue your subscribers. When you add a link to a tweet, don’t say too much about its content. One of the great pieces to create intrigue is the question “How”. Also, tweets should be short, so they are better perceived.
  4. Create feedback with your readers. Ask them what problems they most often encounter. Be attentive and show interest. Thus, you can, firstly, be useful to your readers, and secondly, correct mistakes in your business in time. When you have enough answers to identify any trends, start creating content that will respond to those specific problems that your readers have indicated.
  5. Collaboration with other users, as well as the friendly advertising of their blogs and products, can make a beneficial impact on expanding the circle of your readers. Collaboration with other users not only provides you with new material for posting on Twitter but also introduces other new users to you. And although it won’t be interesting for the entire new audience to read you, you have worked well and found someone who shares your interests. In the future it will work for you.
  6. Start chatting. Respond to current records on time and in such a way that the character was visible (or your product was advertised). Retouch the answers under your posts, as well as retweet your potential readers. Thus, answering other users, you show that you value them, and by retweeting potential readers, you lure them to your blog.
  7. Fill in the information about yourself. If you fill in the information about yourself with those keywords for which you want to be found – then you will get additional followers. They will find you with the help of search and special programs and start following you. When composing a description, try to compose it in order to describe both yourself as a person and what topic you tweet.twitter building
  8. Choose the targeted audience. When you follow those who are close to you on the subject, it is very likely that they will follow you in response. Unlike if you follow everyone.
  9. Create Contests. Competition is a very effective way to attract new followers. The main thing is to offer a good prize and think very well about the rules of the competition. If your prize is associated with your brand, it will also attract new followers who are interested in information, services or products that you represent.SMM Manager
  10. Ask your followers to retweet you. But it’s important to say “please”, then people are more likely to retweet your Tweet. Each retweet usually brings several new followers. The number of new followers after retweet will depend on how many followers the person who retweeted you has.
  11. Tweet frequently and conveniently for readers. No one wants to subscribe to the silent people, so it is important to be active. At least one, ideally – two posts per day – this is the golden rule of a readable tape. It is very important to post tweets during normal reading activity. The best time to write a tweet is before readers leave for work (before 9 am) and after returning home (after 6 pm). Make sure that the correct time zone is selected in your account settings. Most Twitter users live in the US, so you need to coordinate your time to write news with the East or West Coast schedule. The reverse side of increased activity – too many tweets, then it will resemble spam and will be a good reason to unsubscribe.
  12. Link to your twitter. You will be able to attract more readers if you leave a link with the phrase “Follow me on Twitter” on your blog, in the mail, on social networks and in comments on the web. Thus, those who already know and are interested in your activity can easily find and subscribe to you.


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