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The most important Facebook statistics that matters for developers in 2019
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 5 minutes

The most important Facebook statistics that matters for developers in 2019

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how much do we know about Facebook? Well, it`s the largest social media platform in the world with more than 2 billion of active users. Every day people open Facebook application on their smartphones and start scrolling down the news feed. Sometimes they stop to read an interesting post or like their friend`s photo.

However, we should say that Facebook statistic could tell us much more than usual facts about users and their activity. In out today`s article, we will tell you the most crucial statistic facts that will matter a lot for developers in upcoming year.

  1. Facebook have just dropped to the third place of the most-visited sites in the world

If we will look on the information from Alexa and SimilarWeb, YouTube just replaced Facebook and moved to the second place of the most popular website (Google is holding the second position).

  1. Facebook removed 583 million fake account in the first quarter of 2018

We know that giant social media like Facebook has many fake accounts, but we`ve never thought that the number of such profiles could be so massive. Weeding out of spammy, scammy and fake should mean more room for authentic and reveal brands.

  1. 68% of all Facebook users are Americans

If someone thought that Facebook is more popular in Europe, it`s not true. According to Facebook statistic, Facebook is the top choice for people. Even Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter don`t have such audience.

  1. Only half of American teens use Facebook

There was a serious change in this point according to the statistics from 2015. In that year, when the Pew Research Center reported that 71 percent of American teens are using Facebook. Today we can say that top platforms for teens are Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

  1. 1 billion Facebook users speak English

This fact means that other part is using Facebook with more than 100 other languages. The second most popular language in Facebook is Spanish, then we can see Indonesian, Arabic and Portuguese.

  1. 66% of monthly Facebook users are using it daily

Worldwide, 1.47 billion of people prefer to visit Facebook daily. Meanwhile 74 percent of American Facebook users visit daily, with just half of those checking in more than once per day. This kind of frequency speaks to the importance of creating a Facebook posting schedule, which will help you with your Facebook content strategy.

  1. Americans spend 58 minutes per day visiting Facebook

Again, we can see information from SimilarWeb, who measured the time US Android users spend in apps. Since the time 77 percent of global mobile users’ own Androids, while only 18,9 percent were using apple at this moment, this data seams relevant. Second place for app usage went to Instagram with 53 minutes of everyday activity.

  1. Each visit to Facebook lasts from 10 to 12 minutes

If we will look on Alexa global website ranking, users check in for relatively short amounts of time. This could be a very important point for developers who think that no one can see their posts. No, in fact people are doing everything so fast, so you have from two to five seconds to catch their attention.

  1. 200 million of Facebook users are members of meaningful Facebook groups

During last year this number has been doubled, so now we are close to the point of 500 groups users.

Now Facebook`s algorithm prioritizes meaningful interactions between friends, family and communities (brands, companies). It means that Groups are an opportunity to gather like-minded individuals together.

  1. 43% of Americans get their news from Facebook

As you can see, it`s more comfortable for people to get all needed information from social media. No one is watching TV (except TV serials or sport channels) or reading newspapers. Everything is gathered inside social media groups, which are specialized on collecting the most important news from what it going on in the world.

  1. Only 31% of businesses are using Facebook Messenger 

It`s not a surprise, because Facebook has been actively building out of the business ecosystem around messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. The main idea is to create communication between users. Messenger has 1.3 billion users who send 8 billion messages between businesses and people every month.

  1. The average engagement rate for a post is 3.91%

Reactions and likes are positive moments, but shares and comments are much better, according to Facebook algorithm. Engagement is a perfect way to drive reach, and posts with higher engagement are cheaper to promote, so you should remember this statement to the moment of promoting your goods and services on Facebook.

  1. 2% of Facebook pages are using paid media

Paid advertisements have some several features that organic posts don`t have. For example, it could be a precise audience targeting that can guide on-the-fence customers further down your sales funnel, or identify quality leads.

The amount of paying pages is increasing in every moment.

  1. An average Facebook user clicks on 8 apps per month

This is a middle number between 10 points for women and 7 points for men. However, it`s just an overall decline from early 2018 when Facebook was reporting about 10 clicks per month. However, it doesn`t mean that you have problems with your advertisements: not all ads require a click to be effective.

  1. Facebook owns 24.5% of all digital video ad spending in 2018

Facebook is forecasted to control nearly 87 percent of all US social media video ad spending in 2018. It`s a crowded market, but as video ads grow, Facebook continues to be a preferred channel.


Here we have a list of top 15 Facebook statistics from all spheres of social media activity. We can easily say that they could be a little bit unexpected for all users who are not interested in statistic. However, developers should be very attentive while analyzing all numbers and facts, because they could play a huge role in their future social media marketing plans.

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