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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 4 minutes

A long list of Pinterest statistics for social media marketers

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It`s not a secret that today Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms among people of all ages. Why? Because here you can find everything you need: a present for your son, unusual clothes for yourself or something that will decorate your house. Every Pinterest user becomes happy after visiting this social media, because he has just a successful purchase.

However, everything is not so easy for marketers. Every business account which allows us to buy goods was made by many hours of analysis, comparing ideas and creating perfect advertising campaign. And today we will be talking about an important part of the developer`s job – statistics. In this article, you will be able to see all Pinterest stats that could help you in your work. So, let`s go.

Pinterest users’ stats

You probably don`t know, but there are 250 million of active users on Pinterest every month.

Women`s part is dominating

Today it`s a stereotype that Pinterest become a female-centric platform. You don`t believe? Have a look at the numbers: 45 percent of all online Pinterest users are women, when there is only 17 percent men.

Usage among males is growing rapidly

Yes, women tend to dominate the Pinterest landscape. However, we should point out that 40 percent of new sing-up accounts belongs to men. Globally, it means that we will have a 70 percent increase in year-over-year growth.

They`re global

Most of the major social networks extend far beyond American borders, and Pinterest is not an exception. More than a half of all Pinterest users are living far away from USA, and 75 percent of new signups also come from other parts of the planet.

We can say that besides the United states, there are three countries that have the biggest amount of Pinterest users: Russia, Brazil and India.

Pinterest have well-educated users

34% of Pinterest users have at least college education, while other 34% have more that college education. And only 10 percent have finished high school or less.

People who use Pinterest live in burbs

The largest demographic of Pinterest users resides in suburbs (34%). Another 30 percent of users are urban and 25 percent are rural.

Some Pinterest usage statistics

If we are working with regular clients, we should know more about their activity to be sure that they won`t miss our updates.

People pin a lot…

Everyday 2 million of users post pins, which gives us more than 100 billion pills per year. Yes, that`s massive.

People access the platform while going somewhere

Today it`s normal that people are visiting their social media account with phones, because they can do it everywhere – they just need an access to the Internet.

With over 500 million app installs, 85 percent of all Pinterest searches happen with mobile devices.

Pinterest is used for planning

86 percent of millennials say they use Pinterest to “plan life moments, big and small”. Also, 47% of pinners were likely to experience a major life event in the next six months, and were disproportionately using Pinterest to plan for these events.

These are a lot of searches on Pinterest

Overall, 39 percent of female pinners choose Pinterest instead of other traditional search engines like Google or DuckDuckGo. If we are talking about male user, the number rises up to 48 percent.

In 2018, there were over 600 million visual searches completed every month.

People pin in the afternoon and evening

A huge study found that 11:00 pm is the perfect time for people`s activity, because over 6 percent of total pins being planned at that time.

A bigger part of Pins comes from businesses

Two thirds of all pins belong to brands and products. And it`s good for people. 73% of pinners told that content posted from brands makes the platform more useful.

People use Pinterest to plan purchases

Given that stat above, it makes sense that 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases. 96 percent use it to research and gather information, while 87 percent report that Pinterest has helped them decide what to purchase.

Pinterest drives referral traffic

Around 5% of all website referral traffic is coming from Pinterest. At this time, Facebook drives 25% and other social media platforms have this indicator at the mark of one percent.

Final thoughts

Of course, we can continue this list for a long time gathering new and new facts about Pinterest statistics. However, here you have the most important information about this social media platform, and believe that you will use it while working on your projects.


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