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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 2 minutes

How to make user generated content light up your social media?

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Every single time we see a business account in social media we think, that every single post or article is written by a developer or special writer. The main task of the content in social media is to inform customer about the services they could get, show them the list of these services and give the price. Simple? Of course. But this information couldn`t always attract people.

Every developer knows that feedback is very important when you are working with your clients online. They could show the that result of your work makes them happier or that you need to change something. User generated content is also a part of your work, so you must pay attention to it. This content can be useful if you want to change the way of social media marketing or add something new. So how you should use this content?

Create user generated content website

If you don`t react on customer`s reviews, you really should start doing this. People want to show their own opinion about your products, and with it you can upgrade your product, make it better and better every time. Of course, you should analyze all user generated content and pick up the right messages or comments. Not everyone could be frank, so be careful.

user generated content website

What social media should be taken?

First of all, look through all main platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.). Then pick all good reviews from Facebook and, for example, Twitter and display them on your user generated content website. However, don`t be primitive – simple screenshot won`t look good. You can add some sentences about these reviews and say that they all mean a lot for your business.

Make retweets from the user`s accounts

generated content website

It`s great when people are talking about you in the social media like Twitter. It means that this information will spread really fast. You can retweet some good reviews to your account. This will give you two basic things:

  • Customers will know that their opinion is important for them
  • Other developers (probably, your competitors) will see that you pay attention to people`s reviews.

How to find user generated content?

To make this process fast and simple, you need to create your personal hashtag. This marker will work in every popular social media, so you will see all feedback from your clients and pick up the best examples.

Share pints on Pinterest

Another well-working method that could help you. For example, if your subscribers have photos with your goods (bags, for example), you can pin them to a Pinterest board. Or, as a variant, pick them for your user generated content website.

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