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Richard Pritchard Reading time: 4 minutes

The most profitable social media hooks to market your product on Facebook

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People start using social media for promotion for a long time ago. They realized that platforms like Facebook or Instagram could immediately increase your sales and everything you need to do is to use right methods.

Social media users often think that the only way to make good promotion is to try everything, which is possible one by one. Well, such approach is possible, but no one will use it today. Why? Because today developers understand what their customers want. They could analyze the social media audience and find the right way to promote goods or services.

In this article we will show the most uncommon ways of .

  1. Generate content to evoke people`s emotionspromote on facebook

Experienced promoters and PR managers know everything about people`s psychology. They know how to attract client and make him buy their goods. However, right now we don`t have time to get this knowledge completely, so we will talk about simplified method.

To give you a better explanation, we will work with an example. Let`s suppose that you are a journalist-freelancer and you are posting announcements of your articles on the main page in Facebook. Well, it`s also a kind of a product, so we can talk about it. Of course, if you have good skills and enough experience to write good headline, it`s very good. However, people could just miss your post and just move forward. You need to shock them. In positive sense, of course. They should be really interested in your content.

How to evoke people`s emotions? Put an unusual image on your post on Facebook or give an extraordinary description. Something that will attract reader and catch his/her attention.

  1. Create content that could be based on something from another reality.

Strange point in our plan, but believe – it works as good as any other way how you can advertise your product on Facebook.

For example, we can talk about aliens. People created hundreds of documentaries about these creatures, tried to explain their origin and why they are still coming to the Earth. However, could they really prove that someone saw an alien? Yes, we san many short videos where strange creatures are walking through the forest in America, drawing symbols on the corn fields and doing other things that we can`t explain. Ok, but what if all this information is one big lie?

Try to explain this topic to the readers. Interest them by putting a mystifying headline like “Aliens are not real? Scientists lied to us all the time?” or something like that. Users will pay attention to it and open the link because there could a massive potential truth about aliens and their true origin. However, it`s just an example of promoting products on Facebook, so you should adapt it to your specific product (goods or services).

  1. Adapt your product to users of different age. Gain more clients.

The bigger part of world audience you can get, the bigger income you will have. Of course, you shouldn`t cover every person without analyzing his/her needs. To get good product promotion on Facebook, you should realize what people will buy and use it. As an example, we will talk about journalist-freelancer.

If you are working in any strong topic (sport, economic, politic), you should make your materials more versatile. We don`t want you to explain difficult topics to kids or teenagers, but you shouldn`t orientate on audience of one age category.

  1. Use statistic. People enjoy looking on numbers.

This point could be a little bit strange, but it works good enough to be used regular. However, you shouldn`t use your statistic data in text just to replace words. Be creative.

Use infographicpromote product

When something goes wrong, use infographic, and everything will be fine. To get a better result and interest your readers, create infographic on your own. Today there are many programs and applications where people can easily made what they need for free. Even basic stencil-plates with simple colors are looking pretty well.

Include video contentpromote products on facebook

Remember, that we are not talking about long videos. Use short segments to explain difficult moments or replace text parts – sometimes video could tell us more than just some paragraphs of the text.

Final thoughts

Well, that is it. We showed you basic moves of promoting your own product on Facebook. Of course, we used unspecific example, so you should adapt all these points for your own product to make good advertising. If we are talking about some goods, you don`t need to use our second point about another reality literally. You can make an intriguing advertising post to get people`s attention. Everyone understands that this is not true, but you should be non-standard! We hope that you enjoyed our article and will use this information during your promotion campaign and it will help you to achieve success.



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