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Instagram posts with Sprout Social-min
Richard Pritchard in Misc Reading time: 4 minutes

How to schedule your Instagram posts? Basic recommendations
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Scheduling is the key to success in the social media. We know it, because every day we can see marketers earning huge sums of money with the help of their social media profiles, especially on Instagram. The only thing they do is posting content on the right time, so clients see it and perform a purchase after a few minutes. Marketers let people know about updated, discounts, giveaways and contests with the help of social media posts added on the right moment. However, how to schedule your Instagram posts to get maximum engagement and expect that people will buy something from your store? Here`s our simple recommendations that can help you.

Scheduling Instagram posts with Sprout Social

For good scheduling, you need good and workable tool like Sprout social. We recommend it because it`s easy for you to upload your image, finalize your content and schedule it. When you`ve created a posting calendar and scheduled your post, click on the button “Share on Instagram” when the time will come. You won`t forget – a notification from mobile app will remind you to click on the button.

So, here`s our short guide for scheduling your posts on Instagram:

  1. Create your Instagram Image

If you want to work with Instagram, you need to post good and qualitative content. If you have some fresh ideas, it`s almost time to use them.

With the help of Sprout`s publishing toolset, you are able to upload your Instagram image on all Sprout plans. In fact, you can schedule your post to all social media profiles you have – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or anything else. Just select the platform and your image will be uploaded to it immediately.

  1. Edit & Polish your Instagram postEdit & Polish your Instagram post

When you added your Instagram image, it`s almost time to make it better. Of course, if you want to use #nofilter hashtag, you can leave it in a natural color, but we recommend you to use an integrated Image Editor tool from Adobe Creative SDK. It allows you to crop, add effects and overlays, change lightning and focus, move contrast from one color to another and perform many other things.

Users recognize when your content is polished and looks its best. To increase your engagement, make sure that your image went through a few rounds of editing and there`s nothing else to correct or add.

  1. Select the Instagram Account & Publisher

Now, when you`ve edited your content, it`s time to select what account you wish to post. With Sprout Social, you are able to work with multiple Instagram accounts when scheduling your content. It makes easier not only the selecting your preferred Instagram account, but also other social media platforms connected to your dashboard.

If needed, your social media team can select a designated publisher for each post to receive the push notification reminder when it`s time to post.

In the compose window, click on the alarm clock icon and select your own publisher. This process helps to delegate publishing duties for multiple accounts and decide who will publish the post when the time will come.

  1. Stage your post for publishing

Now, when you`ve edited and approved your content, it`s time to have a look on the final stages that your images will go through before publishing:

  • If you are not sure that you are ready for this current type of Instagram post, you can use draft to put your unfinished content away. You will be able to post it later.
  • If your post is ready for publishing, you should. Some content might seem appropriate on certain days or you could simply get Instagram images ready for the weekend in queue. When you queue your Instagram posts, tool will pick the best time to publish within the window you specify.
  • Schedule is a great feature for you if you want to add posts on a specific time. It will be a good variant during the Instagram contest, when you need to follow the timetable and add post on the right time.
  • Submit for approval. Choosing an approver ensures your content is completely edited and ready for posting. Select specific approvers to review your content before it`s appearance on your timeline.
  • If you think that there is no need in approving process, click on the “send” button.
  1. Send your content to Instagram without any problems

If you are working on the mobile application, the only thing you need to do is to click “Share on Instagram” button and the platform will send your image directly to the Instagram. This function is easy for mobile users.

All prewritten Instagram captions are saved in your clipboard, and all you need to do is to finalize your content, add a specific location or tag a user, finalize all image edits and click “Share” on Instagram.


As you see, there are no difficulties in scheduling your Instagram content. Just follow the steps we showed here, and everything will be fine. Good luck!

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