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time killing video
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 2 minutes

How to sell on Facebook, methods of using videos for marketing

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time killing videoPeople understood how to sell goods from the social media a long time ago. If five years later only a group of regular users could perform such operations, today it`s a massive flow of developers and masters who want to get income from the social media.

The greatest example of such commerce is selling from Facebook. Oh, you`ve expected to see Instagram here? No, Facebook is the most optimal variant for the future businesspersons who want to work with social media for the whole time.

Over the years, people tried different sorts of content and agreed that there is one type that could attract customers the most – video content.

Why it works so well?

Today, the rhythm of our life is too quick, so we can`t stop to open our favorite Facebook group and start scrolling down the feed. However, we can move forward to our next checkpoint and watch videos. Yes, we can do it at the same time.

The easiest way to attract people is to create a time killing video without a description and put their all-important information about your business.

People just click on the video, launch it and listen to the advertisement. Simple, smart and comfortable in use. You don`t need to create an extra advertisement for this content, people don`t need to waste their time stopping and watching the video.

Remember about the limits  

Facebook killer videos couldn`t be too long because people won`t watch it. The main content trend of the last two years is to make your informational post short and usable for every subscriber and client.

However, even if you know about importance of short videos on Facebook, we will name you the main rules of downloading Facebook video content:

  • Maximum file size – 1GB
  • Recommended resolution: 1080p
  • The most acceptable video format: .MOV

So, if you are a beginner, you should pay attention to these points while working with time killing videos for your business.

Post rare, but good videos

It`s normal when people want to get activity on their page on Facebook and to achieve that they start posting content every day. This is a big mistake, because if you will concentrate on the number of posts per week, you can forget about its quality.

page on Facebook

Our advice here is simple – better post your videos not every day, but make them look good. You are showing your product to thousands of users, so don`t fail.


In the end we will only say that video content is leading on Facebook in every sphere. If you want to use it as your main advantage, you should start right now.


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