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Twitter following for business
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 5 minutes

Simple and profitable ways of getting more Twitter following for your business

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Twitter following for businessIf you are a regular Twitter user, you should read this article, because the information we give could definitely change the way you use the social media.

Twitter is a very specific social media that was found in 2006 and continue it`s growing today. Every day, we can see thousands of new users registering their accounts and starting tweeting something. The audience is growing very fast, and today there are more than 3 billion of active users in this social media.

Every person who creates his/her own profile in the social media wants to get as much followers as possible. And, of course, he or she will do everything to be more popular than someone. However, simple tweeting and retweeting won`t give you the result. Every step you complete must be thoughtful, and today we will show you simple but very profitable methods of getting more Twitter followers. Don`t worry – the information we give was checked many times, so you can start using these methods just after reading this article. So, let`s go.

  1. Get more Twitter Followers by creating a completed bio.more Twitter followers

When someone enters your Twitter profile, the first thing that person see is your bio. This small part of information (just 140 symbols as the usual tweet) describes you (or your business) and gives your potential followers an understanding of what to do next – follow or not. And, if we want to have a giant Twitter following, we should describe our profile as well as possible.

If we are talking about business profile, we should indicate all important facts about our company or blog, name the services our followers could. To have a better understanding of what we are talking about, you can open Google and search for the famous businesspersons and their Twitter accounts. They add there all important information about their brands and give people the reason why they should follow this profile. You should do the same thing.

  1. Get more Twitter Followers by following the right people.

If you want to have a giant audience it doesn`t mean that you shouldn`t follow other users. Seriously, every social media was made to build connections between people, so you should join the community.

However, you should be careful while choosing accounts for following. If we are talking about business profile, we should orientate on businesspersons and companies in our sphere. For example, if your business is food delivery, you should follow people who are interested in this sphere, too. It could be other companies (even your competitors), bloggers (people who are testing deliveries and telling their subscribers about it) or the regular food delivery clients.

Use hashtags to find the right people

You can use Twitter and type “food delivery” in searching field. People are using the specific hashtags to find what they need, and if they are searching for good food delivery, it could be something like “tasty food” or “tasty food delivery” or “food delivery”. You should search to have a better understanding of the situation.

  1. Get more Twitter Followers by telling your own story

If you think that the process of getting new followers is very serious, you aren`t right. Even if we are talking about business profiles, we understand that people couldn`t work twenty-four hours per week without any breaks or pauses. Even developers need rest.

So, to add something special to our process, we should change the sort of our content, and instead of tweeting some boring facts about our industry, we will tell our followers…a story! I think you are surprised right now, so we will continue.

Our story should be completed and entertaining, so we must think about it`s plot and make sure that people will enjoy it.

To mark our story from other tweets in our profile, we should match it with a special hashtag. However, don`t make it too large, because you have only 140 symbols for one tweet.

Finally, we don`t need to make our story too long. Why? Because at one moment people will just ignore it and skip these tweets. We can make short stories for one week, then one week of break, and on the third week start the new story. We will have the time to come up with a new plot, and our fans will have much time to enjoy the previous story.

  1. Get more Twitter Followers by scheduling your posts. Create a posting plan.

This point is important when we are talking about social media following in common. However, for business profiles it means much more.

We should know that people who read our tweets are probably interested in what we are doing, so every day they will be waiting for the new dose of information. On the other hand, we need to keep in mind that everyone has his own life with work, family, routine problems and other things. It means user could not be online every minute. So, to set up our posting process and get more Twitter followers, we should create a posting schedule. The most optimal variant will be using Post Planner – tool that allows you to create a strong timetable and select time periods for posting on every day.

With optimal posting schedule, you will be able:

  • To control the number of posts per day.
  • To prepare good content for every next day of posting.
  • To have a clear understanding of how people react on your posts (the number of likes and retweets).
  1. Get more Twitter Followers by using right hashtags

Twitter FollowersWe can`t imagine a Twitter user posting without any hashtags. Twitter can`t exist without hashtags. And we also need to use daily hashtags to get more followers on Twitter. Why? Well, because people use tags to find information they need. However, you should use the right hashtags that will be dedicated to your sphere.

Final thoughts

As you see, it`s not so easy to get a huge Twitter following. However, now you know basic methods that could help you to increase the number of followers in this social media. We hope you enjoyed this article and will use our recommendations while working with your business profile in Twitter.




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