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SMM Guide for England on August

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Let’s imagine that you’ve arrived in a new city and don’t know anything about it. Most probably you’ll use a map in order to find the main sights. This article is your guide for content ideas on the social networks on August.

August is the last and the quickest passing month of the summer. In order to draw readers’ attention you should post the timely, relevant and useful summer content. Let’s figure out where to start.

Planning the Route

If you want followers to read your articles, they should be interesting, even if you sell the sand. That means that you manage to teach, entertain, sell and communicate with your fans simultaneously using your posts.

You should keep the content balance and then the followers will read your posts with interest. Over time and in future they will become not only your target customers, but also the brand embassadors. The keeping of the balanced state of your content solves 4 main tasks:

  1. Be useful and interesting for readers. Useful/entertaining content –  40 %.    
  2. Sell your goods/services. Selling content – 30%.    
  3. Communicate, increase the immersiveness and present gifts. Contest games, quizs  and inquires – 20%.    
  4. Prove   that you are an expert. The expert content in the ‘articles format’  from your blog, surveys or guest publications – 10%.                                                                                                                                                                    

If your content solves 4 main tasks, so your social networks route will be full, interesting and exciting.

Planning Must-See Sights

When you visited a new city, went sightseeing, and then you got to know that you did’t include on the route the place which you wanted to visit badly. But now it’s late, you’ve returned home. In order to avoid it you should look at the “Calendar” section more often, check and plan the topical events of the month at the content-calendar in advance .


While planning the content you should take into account the needs and interests of your fans. Think out the advertising companies in advance and create the situational content.

The Brightest August Events

Four days of live music and art events are waiting for you at Boomtown Fair on the 13th of August. It is a kind of creative, art festival where you can enjoy the mix of reggae, swing, dub and ska together with bass and roots culture. Try to broadcast the most important and interesting events of the festival.

The 15th of August can offer you one of the most interesting events – Red Bull Air Race World Championship. This is the quickest and the most exciting competition in the world. You’ll have the possibility to see the skill of the best world’s pilots.

All dog lovers can spoil their pets at the ultimate dog party called Pawlooza! It takes place on International Homeless Animals’ Day – the 15th of August. This is the most dog-friendly festival in the world that offers a lot of fun for you and your dogs: swimming in the pond, playing frisbee, viewing of agility demonstrations, visit of the VIP lounge…As much fun as could be! Orginise a quiz and offer your followers to share their photos at the festival.The owner of the best photo will receive a prize or a discount at your shop.


Want entertain? You should visit EuroHockey Championships on the 21st of August. Offer your clients to compete for a prize – some element of a hockey set.

Notting Hill Carnival, one of the best street carnivals in the world, will take place on the Sunday and Monday of the August Bank holiday weekend. This is the amazing mix of dancehall, bright partysuits and street food. Offer your clients to share their best ever Notting Hill Carnival story.


Most people bring souvenirs as a memento for themselves and their friends. If you visit a hot India, so, in the winter, looking at the souvenirs, you’ll have a pleasant feeling about the vacation spent there.

Making comparisons, think about which “souvenirs” can be received by your readers. Organise a quiz. And instead of that receive the audience gain and the immersiveness.

Variants of quizs on August:    

  • 12     Aug – International Youth Day. Offer a 12% discount for your clients.
  • 13     Aug – International     Lefthanders Day. Offer a discount for all lefthanders.
  • 15     Aug – International Homeless Animals’ Day. Offer your followers to     share their photos with the pets taken from the shelters. Or     orginise a quiz. Those who will take any pet from a shelter on that day will receive some prize from you.    

More quizs you can find in the “Engage” section on the PromoRepublic service.

August is the Month for Shopping and School Preparations

Buying the unusual souvenirs/gifts at the markets, don’t forget to haggle over the prize. All we know that the inflated values are said to all tourists. That’s why you can lower the prize. Having bought a souvenir at a good ( as you think) prize, you’ll feel good.

Give the same emotions to your readers. Tell them about your goods/services, turn the ordinary customers into the loyal ones. Sell your products unusually and then people will return to you.

Create the advertising company  #backtoschool  at the beginning of the month, announcing the start of school supplies sale. Add hashtag on the pictures. If your want that you readers remember better your posts, use the graphic editor.

Conclusions: Create more news hooks for the content on August. Remember that it is better to build relations with your customers than to be engaged in the single sale. Organise the unusual quizs with prizes for the communication with fans. Build the partner relations and receive referenceability and brand embassadors.

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