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hashtag ideas
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Strange hashtags

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Who are they and how to create a hashtag? First, they come from Twitter, annoying hashtag grids have become an almost integral part of all content on social networks.

A hashtag is any word in Latin or Cyrillic and even a combination of words and numbers without spaces, preceded by the # to create a hashtag

If you create a hashtag, you could so successfully got accustomed to Twitter, that pretty quickly got out of it. They are quite appropriate in any social network. But ask yourself: Do not we overestimate too much the hashtags and how creating a hashtag to our posts?

Let’s go through the material

Little things matter: in any social network, # makeup and # make_up – two completely different hashtags.

creating a hashtagClever hashtags can be divided into three groups by frequency of use.

Low-frequency: creating a hashtag includes hashtags of niche topics or modifications of ordinary hashtags.

High-frequency: top tags from around the world (#love, #instagood, #me).

Midrange – common local tags.

Let’s talk further about social networks where hashtags are actively used.

Twitter hashtags

create hashtagThe hashtag was invented as a way to sort the entire stream of publications and first gained its popularity on Twitter. In early 2009, the resource began to create hashtag with hyperlinks internationally.

On Twitter, all trends of a certain period with hashtags are collected in a separate column “Current Topics”. Twitter, being a very smart service, collects information about you, your interests (what you have already searched for within the framework of the platform) without any questions, analyzes your subscriptions and as a result makes up the most relevant topics for you. But they can be customized.

Also on Twitter, the hashtag ideas of massive follow-on have become strong. During the day, trends will surely flash some popular tag like # MassFollow # Mutual Pump. The bottom line is that by hashtag you find a user, subscribe, and he follows you one-on-one.hashtag ideas

Why is mass follow-up hashtags not a solution for companies and brands?

99% of acquired subscribers will never respond to your tweets;

Most subscribe, wait for a mutual subscribing, and then remove the page from their subscriptions.

Create a hashtag for Instagram

Creating a hashtag for Instagram can be the only text accompanying an image. In addition to the banal descriptive function, what else can fit #?

creating a hashtagHow to make a hashtag to increase engagement:

In Instagram, creating a hashtag helps users and business pages to find similar publications and join the general flow. Conventionally, you are a make-up artist Natasha. And share the results of your work on Instagram. Add the hashtag #MUA – and the search will display your photo with other similar ones. Now everyone who is interested in make-up will be able to appreciate your efforts with likes, sign up for updates and even, if lucky, order a service.

To capture most of the audience, you will add other hashtags: #smokeyeyes #makeupoftheday and others # leggings yes # eyelashes. But it is important to remember: the maximum allowable number of hashtags in one Instagram post is 30#.

There are also disadvantages: on the one hand, by adding the maximum number of clever hashtags, you increase the likelihood that no makeup fan will miss a wow post, on the other – an abundance of grids will make the publication unaesthetic and create a feeling of spamming.

Personalized hashtags

You, make-up artist Natasha, hashtags make sense to create a unique hashtag. To do this, you can add to your existing last name or first name, for example, #NataliaMUA. The main thing is to check in advance if the hashtag is not busy with another Natalia.

How to create hashtag for navigation

To highlight a series of photos that are associated with a single event or theme, try creating navigation hashtags within your account. For example, you want to show the client only lip makeup samples – for this you can use the hashtag #NataliaMUA_lips.

Hashtags for promotion

It is believed that the best promotion for clever hashtags works on Instagram. Many people are so actively talking about this that you can even believe that there is a list of magic hashtags that lead to dozens of active subscribers to the page and instantly turn them into customers. But all, of course, is not so simple.

Definitely, you can increase the number of subscribers on Instagram, if create a hashtag medium-frequency hashtags get into the top-9 in the general list. During the first minutes, the publication should gain as much involvement as possible compared to others in exactly the same hashtag.

create a hashtagThe higher-frequency hashtags, the less likely to stay in the top. This means that fewer people will see the publication and subsequently subscribe to your profile.

There is a downside:

Most often you collect likes and subscriptions from bots. If you are lucky – in large quantities, but what’s the point? The value of such likes and subscriptions is minimal.

Your content should be really catchy so that a real person who is browsing through a certain unique hashtags wants to like and even more so to subscribe to your updates.

Rules of creating a hashtag

Clever hashtags can be anywhere in the text (at the beginning, inside the message, at the end). For Facebook, it is more convenient to use hashtags at the end of the post, but on Twitter, it is considered convenient if the hashtag is entered in the message (due to the limitations of 140 characters). A hashtag is a useful tool, but they should not be misused. It is better if it is short, 10-15 characters.

Twitter does not recommend using more than 3 hashtags for the tweet to be readable. Try to use only those hashtags that actually reflect the essence of your message. Do not use too general words, they are very popular and, most likely, your message will simply be lost in the general flow of the information channel. In our work with social networks, we use creating a hashtag to make the message more visible, to increase the reach of the audience or to identify an audience with certain interests. A search for hashtags also gives us the opportunity to explore the market before planning advertising campaigns in social networks.

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