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grow up your business
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 3 minutes

How to use social media automation to grow up your business?

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 If you are interested in growing your business through the social media, this article will truly help you.grow up your business

Social media is probably the most workable way of advertising, growing and upgrading your business. you don`t need to pay for posting, you can easily work with your audience and have new subscribers, nobody can stop you from doing your work. However, if you work with different social media, you need a lot of time to be active in all of them. Sometimes it`s hard to do so, and we understand this. To solve the problem of regular activity, we would like to introduce you a method of social media automation.

With it, you`ll be able to have more free time to work on the other projects and forget about all possible problems in the social media. Here we will tell you the role of social media automation and how you can use it for growing your business.

What is social media automation?

In simple words, automation is the process of connecting all of your social media accounts with each other. You are able to get all information in one resource and there is no need to do regular checking. We are working with two basic tools that could be used for social media automation – IFTTT and Post Planner. However, if Post Planner is more familiar to a bigger part of users (it`s connected to Facebook and Twitter), IFTTT is something new. So, we will stop at this point more attentively.

Set up your accounts in the social media to IFTTT

If you have accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Tumbler and other social media, you should connect them to IFTTT. Remember that only one account from every social media could be added to this service. To make your task easier, you can manage all your logins and passwords for every social media account. It will be much easier to enter them while working.

Now, lets look on one example of creating a recipe page from one social media to another. Starting from this moment it will be your main task.

Creating Facebook page to Instagram account recipe

We will start with Facebook and Instagram, probably the most popular social media at the moment. First thing that you need to do is to choose your Facebook page as a Trigger Channel. Then, use photo with hashtag “Trigger” (if you don`t have it right now, just upload it). After that you will choose an Action channel. For this current example it will be Gmail. The main reason why we are choosing it is that with Gmail we can allow an image attachment. If you don`t have an account in Gmail, you`d better create it right now (it will save your time and you could use it in the future).

In point “Choose an action” we pick sending an email. This email will remind you to post your new photo on Facebook to an Instagram profile. That`s all. Now you don`t have problems with sharing content through all your social media profiles. This technique works on every social media, so instead of Instagram we could choose Google+, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media. 

Why do we need social media automation?social media automation

With such function, we are able to analyze an activity from all accounts and control the feedback and the number of likes, reposts and other actions. We know that our last post was added to all accounts, so you can check them from time to time. You can also share links from one social media to another with the help of Post Planner.


Social media automation is a great variant of controlling your content plan and social media activity. You know that your profiles have regular updates, so there are more chances for you to increase leads, sales and visibility.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and use our recommendations during the working process.


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