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What To Write About In Social Networks — May / Week 2
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You made it through Mother’s Day week – pat yourselves on the back and let’s move on to the next week of holidays. After a week of full-on promotions, it’s always a good idea to share engaging posts with your followers.


Here’s everything you need to know about the second week of May.

May 11 – Cannes Film Festival. Considered to be the most elite award show in the world with international celebrities descending on the chic city of Cannes, why not share some fun facts about this festival. It lasts 11 days so you have plenty of time to propose promos and giveaways to your clients (browse our Promotions section for more ideas);


Friday the 13th. Who doesn’t love this day? It’s unclear why it has become so superstitious but it makes for a fun day to play on your followers’ fears! There are some fun facts that you can share with them: In Italy, it’s considered a lucky day. And there’s actually a disorder called Friggatriskaidekaphobia – people afraid of Friday the 13th. It really exists! So make a quiz or fill in the blanks and get your fans engaged!


Every week our team tries to come up with new posts to keep our library fresh and inspiring.

This week, with the warmer weather and the countdown to summer bathing suit season, we’ve come up with Motivational Fitness/Sports backgrounds. No matter the industry, sharing is caring! Showing your customers or followers that you care about their health is kind and a smart business move.


We are very excited about our new #Hashtags collection in Days of the Week category! Now you can engage with your followers with the days of the week hashtags that are widely used right now in social media. There are so many ways to incorporate the hashtags so we’ve come up with a collection that will include contests, quotes and FUN posts.


May is about fitness, cycling and a lot of fun. Check out our Trending section to find new templates devoted to Main Topics of May.


The Promotion section has plenty of new offers and deals. Feel free to browse through it to make a statement with your promos!


May 11 – Eat What You Want Day. Take a look at our Creative Content section to post interesting facts of food to your followers. Everyone wants to know what they’re eating!


May 13 – Tulip Day. When we think Spring, the flower that comes to mind is always the Tulip. As one of the most beloved flowers of the season, why not offer it as an incentive for your customers. We’re pretty confident that a Free Tulip will attract new and loyal customers to your store!

May 14 – Mark Zuckerberg’s Birthday. We owe a lot to the Facebook creator so today we honor him with a celebratory post.


May 14 – Buddha’s Birthday. Channel your inner guru by sharing the wise words of Buddha. He teaches us mindfulness and it’s a discipline that most people seek to accomplish. Sharing this post to your followers can only be positive and will surely be appreciated.

May 15 – Day of Families. Share the love of Family Life with your customers and they’ll share it back. Today you can offer all families who shop at your store a Family Discount.

Celebrity Birthdays. Apart from Mark Zuckerberg, we have an international musician, famous painter and a heartthrob: Bono, Salvador Dali and Robert Pattinson. Depending on your industries, these are well-loved personas so anything you do whether it is a quiz or even a promotional discount will be a success.

Remember, overloading your customers with promotions is not always a wise route. Posting motivational quotes and informative content will go a long way in establishing a strong online and offline community.

Happy Spring! Happy Posting!

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