SMM ideas for June content

SMM ideas for June content
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Those blissful 92 days of summer have arrived. Your task is to sit down, think and plan the main summer marketing events, which will in turn allow you to write an account of it. Such is how content marketing is produced. You become an interesting channel for your clients as a weekly newspaper.

Plan ahead for important events in your calendar (promotions, discounts, new products (goods), company news). We will tell you what will be trending and what you should write about on your social networks for the first 30 days of summer.

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Share positive vibes

Let’s remind ourselves that everything old is at some point new again. That’s why themes of holidays, Mondays and Fridays, quotes, cats and memes will be in news feeds for a long time. Your task is to adapt these trends for your page and make it positive.

For example, let’s take an event: the Champions League final. Create ideas, find images, add text to the image, and by using the graph editor you will end with a unique, super positive post!


The more attempts to create unique content, the better results you will have.

If you want to be on the front foot, record a video for your content. Videos have the possibility of becoming more and more popular. You may also use your camera phone, the main point is that it should be interesting!

Entertainment – content ideas for June: summer, heat, holidays, sea, exams, graduations, fruit, summer rain, thunderstorms, picnics, paintball, guided city tours, excursions to the zoo, canoeing, quests, Wimbledon.

We recommend that you pay attention to:

  • 1 June – Child Care Day
  • 3 June – National Running Day
  • 5 June – World Environment Day, National Fish and Chip Day!
  • 8 June – World Oceans Day
  • 13 June – The Queen’s Official Birthday
  • 14 June — World Bloggers Day
  • 21 June — Father’s Day
  • 30 June — Social Media Day 2015

You can find more holidays in our calendar.

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The most global event in June is Electric Marathon: an international trans-European rally held on 3 June, which is spent under the patronage of the Prince of Monaco Albert II.

In our updated calendar we have added national musicals and food festivals.

The Isle of Wight Festival (11 June – 14 June) – a great music festival where fans all over the world gather together to listen non-stop music performances from some of the greatest pop musicians of any era.

Summer Brew Fest (19 June – 21 June) is a beer festival that brings together gallons of beer from smaller breweries. The taste of beer will take you into the world of music, food and general feeling of good times.  

And all who like sport will be excited by the European Fencing Championship (June 5-10 in Montreux, Switzerland) and the European Cup run at 10,000 metres (6 June in Italy).

Educate your audience

The values of social networks have changed and not all of them like “gaiety”. That’s why you should control the content balance. Give people “food for thought”. Share information with them that will never become out of fashion. Things such as book reviews, online courses, good films, master classes and life hacking skills. See our “post ideas” section. Share and choose interesting things for your target audience that are seasonally relevant and mention your products and services.

Communication with your target audience. Take ideas from life and create posts. Just remember that posts should be presented aesthetically, so the picture attracts attention.

Sell your goods and services

Whatever you say, everybody wants to sell. Social networks have an excellent function in such matters. The main thing is to interest the client (buyer), to be useful for him, and he will trust you and purchase something.

There are some rules for content marketing.

1. Products/services should be adapted to suit the season. Market summer menus, ice drinks, natural clothes. Think of how you can connect your products (goods) with summer.

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2. Take ideas for marketing content from life. June is the time of exams, graduation and active rest. So you can, for example, advertise sales for students who get good marks in their exams; suggest your products as a present for students’ favourite teachers; choose dress models for graduation; sell products that are popular now or will likely be popular in the near future.

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3. Tell your clients about activities after they have seen your marketing post. Add a call to action, using text over the image and ensure that people don’t need to ask additional questions.

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You should write about situations when your client (buyer) is satisfied. Ask them to write comments and share them with other subscribers.

Communicate with your fans

June is the time for quizzes, polls and contests. Communicate with your subscribers as often as possible. Conduct questionnaires, quizzes and contests. You should ask them about what they would want to tell you. For example, ask about their favorite TV programs, cafes, holiday destinations and so on.

This information will help you to understand what is interesting for your target audience and you will understand what it is you should write about. You may also understand what kind of competition prizes they might want. The prizes should be chosen from things that are interesting in summer: a weekend in a country house, vouchers for movies, cafes, shops and paintball sessions, or perhaps a hammock, picnic set or invitations to events.

Demonstrate your expert opinion

Sharing links to interesting resources is not only useful, but it also shows that you read them yourself and have an expert opinion. Take the time to find interesting articles with useful information.

What criteria should be used for topics? First, topics must be interesting for your audience. Second, think about the actuality and usefulness of the information. It is possible to share links about important events, photo reports, summer life hacking, holiday ideas, food, personal care and so on.

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The main thing is to read all the information that you want to share. Summarise your alternative opinions if you wish to showcase your individuality.

Resume: to create unique content in June is very easy. Take ideas from life. With a bit of research, imagination and the help of the right tools your posts will be great!

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