Expert Talk: 7 Local SEO Hacks to Grow Your Franchise Brand's Online Visibility

Amanda Jordan, Director of Digital Strategy at RicketyRoo, boils down the complex world of local SEO to 7 specific tactics you can implement right now to boost your local visibility across locations.

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Our Contributors:

Amanda Jordan
Local SEO Expert & Director of Digital Strategy
@ RicketyRoo
A digital marketing agency helping businesses get better visibility online
Raakkel Sims
Head of Customer Success & Partnerships
@ PromoRepublic
The leading all-in-one local marketing platform for franchise brands, 20+ franchise clients, 50,000+ users

What’s on the Agenda

  • How local SEO applies to you and your franchisees;
  • What you can do right now to boost your visibility across locations;
  • What local SEO strategies to prioritize for 2023;
  • How the right tools can help you do even more.
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