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Our speakers

Madeleine Park
CMO at Threshold Brands, Greater PA Locations & Director of Marketing at Netsertive
Christy Barnes
Vice President of Marketing at Camp Bow Wow
Kristen Pechacek
Chief Growth Officer at MassageLuXe
Abby Fogel
VP, Marketing & Brand Relations at Unleashed Brands
Larisa Walega
CFE, VP of Marketing @ Ziebart International Corporation
Marci Kleinsasser
Vice President Marketing at Handyman Connection
Dave Holland
Vice President Marketing & Design at Joey's Group of Companies
Jeremy LaDuque
Executive Vice President at Bridgeline
Tori Johnston
Chief Marketing Officer at AKT Franchise
Natalie Miller
Director of Digital Marketing at Curious Jane Ad Agency
Jessica Fontana-Eddowes
Eddowes VP of Digital and Ecommerce @ LaradaSciences
Shana Krisan
Vice President of Marketing @ Goldfish Swim School
Wilhelm Meierling
Vice President Communications and Marketing
Nicole Cox
Director of Marketing and Communications
Greg Chan
Executive VP of Marketing

Expand your knowledge and skills in franchise marketing

We deep-dive into different aspects of franchise marketing – from growing local sales to CMO's day-to-day life.
Watch a panel of handpicked marketing experts with the biggest names in franchising share their knowledge and debate their viewpoints.
We typically go live on Tuesday or Wednesday at 12 pm ET every other month.
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Jul 17, 2024

Poolside Chat: Maximise Your Seasonal Promotions

Join our roundtable to discover real-world strategies from top brands on driving sales with promotions, discounts, and offers that make...

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Past Webinars
May 28, 2024

Unleashing the CMO Networking Magic Offline at FranCXC 2024

Are you a marketing enthusiast attending FCXC 2024 in Atlanta? Join the CMO Peer Talks Community Cocktail Hour sponsored by...

Mar 26, 2024

How Emerging Franchise Can Grow Faster and Outshine Bigger Brands

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  • 0 min read
Jan 26, 2024

Calling all franchise marketers to our side IFA event!

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  • 0 min read
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