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Grow your marketing and improve customer experience
on a global, regional, and local scale.
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Power up your franchise to win your local game
location performance
Location Performance
Intuitive leaderboard with key metrics, scores, and benchmarks – everything you need to coach locations’ on marketing and operations.
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Brand Consistency
Uncover insights to keep your brand consistent, grow the audience and engagement for your brand, regional, and local efforts.
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Customer Experience
Enhance customer satisfaction by monitoring reviews, CX metrics, and sentiment, evaluate your brand's health, and benchmark against competitors.
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Copilot – Your Custom Data Analytics
Let your data analyst teammate create custom dashboards and strategies from your marketing, CX, and operational data, focusing on key metrics.
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Simplify your data analytics with unified essential insights
reporting and save dozens of workdays for your team
and resolve locations’ issues and opportunities faster
marketing and operational initiatives efficiently
Level up
you strategy and outperform your competitors
Make data-driven decisions faster
Unify data across channels and locations, visualize performance and unlock actionable and relevant insights with PromoRepublic Analytics Suite
Centralize and streamline data
Aggregate 300+ data points from 150+ channels across social media, reviews, and industry-specific listings.
data points
Visualize data into intuitive dashboards
Slice and dice marketing data as it works for you. Use dynamic filters that include country, brand, area, and custom tags. Save and share created segments with your team and franchisees.
Drive decisions and actions
Get intuitive insights or receive custom assistance from a fractional data analyst. Receive your to-do-list and strategic advice based on data.
Stay ahead
with competitive insights
Automate competitor data gathering and analysis across key channels. Compare your performance against industry standards and specific areas using essential KPIs.
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Improve your products
and services with scalable sentiment analysis
Refine customer experience by analyzing sentiment across various categories and locations. Uncover trends and dissect multilingual feedback to pinpoint emerging patterns.
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export BI
Connect to your ecosystem
Export or integrate with other databases and systems. Combine data assets, eliminate siloes, and maximize the ability to make impactful business decisions.

Our customers get real results

Kasey Skala

We can segment the data creating a system that not only allows us to measure the impact for individual locations but also enables us to compare against peers.

Kasey Skala
Director of Strategic Marketing at City Wide Facility Solutions

We’re committed to protecting and securing your data

Data confidentiality
Utilize the AI Composer without compromising sensitive information.
Privacy assurance
Prevent unauthorized access to confidential details with robust privacy standards for enterprises.
Human control
Review and tweak messages before sharing with teams or customers.
data security
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