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PromoRepublic is a Top-10 fast-growing SaaS marketing technology company trusted by enterprise brands and local businesses across the globe.

What Drives Us

We believe that the social media space is getting overcrowded, so businesses need to be authentic to connect with their audiences. That’s why we’ve built a solution that helps brands stand out in the social media chaos with valuable content and conversations.

Promorepublic team

Our Story


Startup Wise Guys Accelerator—built the first version of the product and started getting customer traction.


Rated one of the best teams in Startup Sauna Accelerator. Great traction in Europe. Opened our office in Helsinki, Finland.


Accepted the challenge of investors and advisors and focused on the North American market.


Opened an office in the US and set up a sales and CS team there. Landed at #15 on the Top List of the Fastest-Growing SaaS.


Introduced products tailored for marketing agencies, freelancers, and franchisors.


Entered the enterprise market with social media marketing solutions for franchise and direct sales brands.


Presented our solution for franchise brands at the IFA Conference. When the lockdown started, launched the Emergency Marketing Center and Transformation Program to help franchise and direct sales brands survive the crisis.

We support and co-organize SaaS events across the globe

Meet the PromoRepublicans

PromoRepublicans are 40+ multinational team players from around the globe. Our processes and sense of responsibility are ideal for working effectively anywhere in the world.

Maksym Pecherskyi

Max Pecherskyi


Mikhail Baranovsky

Mike Baranovskyi


Valeriy Grabko

Val Grabko


Stanislav Zagoskin

Stan Zagoskin


Sergey Kalmykov

Serg Kalmykov

Tech Lead

Daria Ivanova

Daria Ivanova

Marketing Team Lead

Raakkel Sims

Raakkel Sims

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Roksolana Badun

Roxy Badun

Head of Customer Success and Support

Andrew Husach

Andrew Husach

Head of Sales

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Actually, we’re kinda everywhere: 5 offices across the globe, and counting.



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Palo Alto

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