How to Convert Google Searches to In-store Sales

With the tremendous growth of ‘near me’ searches, organic traffic has become a top source of new local customers for multi-location brands.

But to reap the benefits of this growing trend, your business needs to adopt a local SEO strategy.

In this episode of CMO Peer Talks, marketing leaders from Handyman Connection, Bridgeline, and Joey’s Group of Companies share their tips on creating a knockout SEO plan that will impact your bottom line.

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Our Contributors:

sw-section Marci Kleinsasser
Marci Kleinsasser
Vice President Marketing
@ Handyman Connection
A home repair company with more than 25 years experience, 60+ locations
sw-section Jeremy LaDuque
Jeremy LaDuque
Executive Vice President
@ Bridgeline
Bridgeline is a marketing technology software company that transform how brands interact with their customers
Dave Holland
Vice President Marketing & Design
@ Joey's Group of Companies
Canada's favorite fish & chips and fish taco restaurants, 45+ locations

What’s on the Agenda

  • What's needed to become visible in local search for multi-location brands in 2022 🔎
  • How locations and corporate can work together for a holistic organic search strategy 🤝
  • Which local ranking factors are important to consider to grow on search 📈
  • How to track local SEO results across locations 🌎
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