Franchise Local Marketing Trends 2022: Challenges & Insights

Want to be a change-making leader who brings innovation and profits to your company?

Our live roundtable with franchise industry veterans is to discover what trends will be booming in local marketing next year and beyond.


Featuring marketing rockstars from:
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Meet the Speakers

sw-section Raakkel
Raakkel Sims
Head of Customer Success & Partnerships
@ PromoRepublic
The leading all-in-one marketing platform for franchise brands, 20+ franchise clients, 50,000+ users
sw-section Wilhelm Meierling
Wilhelm Meierling
Vice President Communications and Marketing
The world's oldest and largest NGO representing franchising worldwide, 1400+ franchise brands
sw-section Nicole Cox
Nicole Cox
Director of Marketing and Communications
Wellness & Fitness, 300 locations
sw-section James de Chavez
James de Chavez
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing
@ Expedia Cruises
Travel & Tourism, 290 locations
sw-section Greg Chan
Greg Chan
Executive VP of Marketing
@ Crunch Fitness Canada
Wellness & Fitness, 200 locations
Dave Holland
Vice President Marketing
@ Joey's Group of Companies
Restaurants, 39 locations

What's on the Agenda

  • Covid-19’s impact on local marketing
  • Effective CMOs – who are they?
  • Top consumer marketing strategies
  • How to reach and serve customers better
  • Top franchise brands’ objectives for next year
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