Franchise Marketing Trends For 2023. Christmas Edition

Now is the ideal time to create your Marketing Plan for 2023. Our recipe for a prosperous marketing year is to melt past challenges, mix in learnings from 2022, add hot franchise marketing trends, and glaze it with some festive spirit.

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    Meet Our Panelists:

    Angela Zerda Paules
    Chief Marketing Officer
    @ Buzz Franchise Brands
    Operator of a multi-brand franchising company focused on being the best provider of professional services to people, homes, and businesses across the country
    Glenn Leingang
    Chief Development Officer
    @ Generator Supercenter Franchising
    The number #1 Generac dealer in North America
    Ashley Mitchell
    Marketing Executive
    @ Streamline Brands
    The industry’s largest franchisor of swim schools with three brands in the family: SafeSplash Swim School, SwimLabs Swim School and Swimtastic Swim School
    Aicha Bascaro
    Chief Executive Officer
    @ American Franchise Academy
    The AFA is the place business owners can turn to for solutions and knowledge
    Raakkel Sims
    Head of Customer Success & Partnerships
    @ PromoRepublic
    The leading all-in-one local marketing platform for franchise brands, 20+ franchise clients, 50,000+ users

    What’s on the Agenda

    • Wins, fails, and takeaways from 2022;
    • The hottest franchise marketing trends to implement in 2023;
    • Franchise leaders' New Year's resolution.
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