eBook: How Big Brands Win The Battle For Local Сustomers

Managing the online reputation of a single-location business is a tricky job. But when you have multiple locations or a franchise model – the effort is multiplied. 

To win the battle for 5-star ratings and online reviews, you need some reliably effective tactics. 

This eBook is jam-packed with actionable advice from CMOs who make a living generating local sales through marketing. 

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Our Contributors:

sw-section James de Chavez
James de Chavez
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing
@ Expedia Cruises
A travel agency franchise proven over 30 years, 300+ locations
sw-section Josie DeVault
Josie DeVault
Director of Marketing
@ A Place At Home
The compassionate in-home senior care solutions, 17 locations
sw-section Jessica Fontana-Eddowes
Jessica Fontana-Eddowes
VP of Digital and Ecommerce
@ LaradaSciences
A global network of urgent care lice-removal clinics and a line of retail lice-treatment products, 250+ locations
Dave Holland
Vice President Marketing
@ Joey's Group of Companies
Canada's favorite fish & chips and fish taco restaurants, 45+ locations

A Quick Look at What You'll Find Inside:

  • Why online reputation should be a top priority for multi-location brands
  • Actionable tips on building an effective reputation management strategy for 100+ locations
  • Formerly hidden but now shared formulas C-level marketers utilize to improve their brands' online reputations
  • Reviews, listings, social media, and their place in the virtuous circle of online reputation
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