10 Best Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas [2021]

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A real estate agency is a complicated business. Its services are not always clear to the client. And if you work as a realtor, trust is even harder to gain. A real estate agency needs to earn trust, talk about its work, and thus attract new clients. This is where content marketing comes in.

Go to the accounts of real estate agencies — there is often boredom and gloom. The official tone, the bureaucracy, the copying of news… That is why the audience reacts extremely sluggishly to the posts of the big agencies. And the social networks of specific realtors sometimes resemble quotations of the laws, and they also are often boring. We’ll tell you a secret: realtors do not have to behave like that on social media.

You can do it in an engaging, lively, and rewarding way because social networks with millions of users are a significant generator of orders, including for a realtor. In addition, social networks are a great way to promote their services to a younger generation of buyers: millennials are already buying homes and make up 38% of all buyers.

And today we’re going to tell you how you can diversify your content plan with interesting and engaging publications. Meet our top ideas for real estate social media posts!

What kind of social media posts work best for real estate?

What does a realtor need to show when communicating with an audience on a social network? They don’t have a visual portfolio with pictures, like an interior designer or a hairdresser. But when working on a content plan, a realtor can plan and show:

Experience. This is a difficult profession for newcomers; therefore, the path in the profession begins most often with an internship, older friends pass on expertise, technology and share their tips. And already, at this stage, a realtor has a lot to tell.

Opportunities. Someone takes only simple cases: the purchase or sale of real estate for “real” money. And someone collects complex chains, using when buying housing maternity capital, military and social certificates, helps sell/buy the share, etc. The broader the capabilities of a particular specialist the more clients he can get from social networks, telling in posts about his work.

Reviews. This is the alpha and omega; if clients speak well of you, their reviews need to be lifted and carried high like a regimental banner. Reviews should appear as often as possible in a Realtor’s content plan because this is a profession where the level of trust is not very high. There are too many amateurs in the marketplace!

Demand. “If a specialist sits for months without orders, there is clearly something wrong with him,” social network users think, and in some ways, they are right. People at all times buy apartments, get married, get divorced, move out with adult children and move in with elderly parents — which means they buy and sell apartments. A realtor needs to talk in posts about what they’re selling/buying/renting right now.

The point. “Why do we even need a realtor?” is a frequent question from everyday people. Usually, those buying new construction or selling their trouble-free apartment for living money stand for self-sufficiency in real estate transactions. It’s important for a realtor to show situations where you can’t do without the help of a pro and explain why. Be sure to include posts that answer this question in your realtor content plan.

Yourself. People buy from people. It’s crucial that the realtor in their social network account looks not like a faceless unit with a set of functions but as a living person. With all of his or her household trivia, family problems and holidays, hobbies, interests, travel, and plans.

Let’s look at real estate social media posts ideas to attract new clients and increase sales.

Welcome post

The welcome post is a self-presentational text. It is needed to tell why the author maintains his social network profile, how he came to success or other facts about himself. Such a publication will also be useful for a real estate agency or realtor to promote themselves. It makes the author closer to his subscribers, increases trust. And for the brand-customer loyalty.

There is no universal variant of the welcome post. Each author decides for himself what he wants to tell and in what manner. But there are some standard pieces of information that can be written about in a welcome post:

  • Name, age, place of residence
  • Occupation
  • Experience
  • Hobbies
  • What you will write about in your profile
  • Encourage subscribers to tell about themselves in comments

This is an option for a realtor, but the option for a real estate agency will not be much different: tell about your agency and experience, what publications you will post, a call to meet in the comments. You can experiment with this format and add storytelling.


Each realtor’s transaction can last for months; the higher the value of feedback from clients — because each of them has gone side by side with the specialist for a long and often tricky stretch of the road of life. Such clients can tell a lot about the professionalism and personal qualities of the realtor. Take screenshots of the reviews, and if the client wrote about you on their page — repost the review. It’s reviews that work best for building a realtor’s reputation and increasing their credibility. You can write anything you want about yourself — but you can’t write reviews from real people and about real work.


What does a particular realtor or real estate agency charge for? In the posts, you can tell about such services:

  • Buying an apartment in a new building — commissioned or under construction.
  • Buying/selling an apartment on the secondary market.
  • Buying/selling rooms on the secondary market.
  • Buying/selling commercial real estate.
  • Buying / selling a share in the apartment/house.
  • Purchase/sale of countryside real estate.
  • Sale of apartments in one city and purchase in another.
  • Rent an apartment/house.
  • Commercial rentals.
  • Legal support of the transaction.

Descriptions of services in the content plan of a real estate agency on Instagram or Facebook are essential because they will help every new visitor of the page understand where they got to and what useful things can be found here.

Answer clients’ questions in publications

An effective way to get real estate social media posts ideas is to identify questions that interest your target market. Services that identify the most trending topics can help you find those questions. The most popular one is Google Trends.

It’s a free tool that generates a list of questions based on your keyword search. For example, if you type in “New Jersey Apartments For Rent,” questions generated from this search might include:

  • Is it worth buying an apartment in New Jersey?
  • How much does it cost to buy an apartment in New Jersey?

Also, use Google’s “People Also Ask” feature and a Chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere.

You can also make a list of questions that your customers or followers often ask or even create a dedicated FAQ column.

Publish videos

Video, video, video — no serious material about social networks can do without them. And it makes sense: there is more and more of this content, and the audience is consuming more and more of it. Videos are supported on all platforms, and we told you how this format works on the main social networks.

For example, you could create a video of you doing a tour of a new apartment. This will get you closer to your audience and also promote your services. You can also, in video format, answer frequently asked questions from your clients or subscribers. Educational content is very much appreciated on all social networks! 

Don’t forget to upload videos to the platform itself rather than post a link to YouTube to get a better reach. For example, you can do this through PromoRepublic

Organize a contest

This is the best way to increase your real estate agency’s visibility and gain a new audience. Regardless of the size of your agency, you always have something to raffle off. But, of course, you need a good idea to make the raffle a success. You can choose a free consultation with a realtor or just a certificate to a restaurant as a prize.

In addition, an important part will be the mechanics of determining the winner: you can arrange a photo or video contest, use a unique hashtag, not just asking people to sign up and leave a comment.

You can also have a quiz in the same way, either on your industry topic or just on related subjects. For example, ask your followers questions about the history of certain neighborhoods in which you work.

Use live streams

Another engaging content format is live streaming. For example, on Facebook, users spend three times as much time watching live streams as they do watching recordings. And Instagram is a great platform for live streaming, as all subscribers are notified when the broadcast begins. 

Not sure what to broadcast about? You can host a Q&A session, announce new services or talk about a new apartment sale. Live broadcast sessions like these are something you should do regularly to stay focused on your subscribers. Check out our top 10 Facebook live session ideas, for example.

Most importantly, don’t forget to publish posts about having a live stream. By the way, you can also save and publish it as a video afterward.

Real estate market review

There is always something going on in the real estate market — either movement or stagnation; falling prices or rising prices; or a “seller’s market” when there are more buyers than apartments for sale or vice versa. Analytical material is often published about the real estate market and can be used to prepare posts. This is a great idea for real estate social media posts. And, of course, it is very desirable to draw on your own experiences and observations. To make this kind of post not so monotonous, you can purposefully narrow the subject. For example:

  • What’s going on with the real estate market in New Jersey.
  • Overview of the market of one-bedroom apartments — looking for the cheapest offer.
  • Oakland — price trends for Q1 2021.
  • Overview of the elite housing market. What is for sale and how long.
  • New homes in Edgewater, Chicago.
  • Manhattan. Where prices are rising and where prices are falling.
  • An overview of two-bedroom apartment prices.
  • How the price difference between one-bedroom apartments, studios, and private houses has changed over the year.

Failures or strange cases

It’s easy and fun to share successes, but a story about mistakes and failures provokes a much more lively discussion. There are many failures or strange cases in everyone’s life; realtors and real estate agencies are no exception. Examples:

  • You were selling an apartment but never managed to sell it.
  • The client wanted something strange, and you had to refuse the deal.
  • The client changed their mind at the last minute and refused to buy or sell.
  • You were offered to sell a bad haunted house with a good commission — you declined.
  • You advised something good and useful (for example, buy an apartment a little more expensive, but without the difficulties and complicated documents), but the client did not listen and got problems.
  • In the apartment you were selling, there was a safe in the wall with strange contents.

Make a series of posts about entertainment venues

The price or choice of an apartment or house is influenced not only by the location or number of bedrooms but also by developed infrastructure and entertainment venues in their area — restaurants, clubs, cinemas, etc.

Websites like TripAdvisor can help you find reviews of places in your area. You can also search Instagram posts by relevant geotags to read reviews by local bloggers. Add a video plan or short notes to your content to help your potential customers learn more about what’s interesting to find in the area where they’re looking for a place to live.

You can even write reviews for your posts yourself — just visit a local coffee shop or restaurant close to the home you just finished doing a tour of. People love first-hand reviews!

A few things to keep in mind

When creating a content plan for a realtor and maintaining a professional social media account, the most important thing is a systematic approach. Not to disappear from social media for six months, but to talk systematically about your work, the real estate market, and tips to help sell/buy a house…

Accounts whose content is engaging, interesting, helpful, and the author is close to the audience generate a flow of leads.

Keep an eye on your competitors and study their content and presentation style. The accounts of successful realtors can give you dozens of ideas for posts.

Generating content can take up most of your time. Automate your work with a reliable service like PromoRepublic. This tool helps you generate content, set up auto-posting, and choose the most profitable times.

The bottom line

So, you have already realized that SMM is a great way to promote real estate agencies and realtor services on the Internet. And there are a lot of options for how to do it. Experiment with content, use all the ideas or a few of them — the main thing is variety!

We hope you enjoyed our real estate social media posts ideas! Good luck!

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