10 Social Media Post Ideas for Insurance Agents [2021]

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With the advent of the Internet, sales and customer search technology has changed drastically. Customers, in most cases, no longer call the office. They look for information about the company, the store, etc., on websites and social networks. If you own an insurance company, you probably have your own website. But you also need social media. Often companies fill a social networking profile using the same rules as on their website. Short news, information about discounts, advantages over competitors. This is a mistake. People are not interested in reading such things. Publish compelling content from the customer world, not the company one. Do you know what posts collect likes and resonate with the audience? We have made a selection of the most successful examples! Here are the top 10 insurance social media posts ideas!

UGC Competition

UGC is content that your audience creates. This contest aims to get as much engagement from users as possible, engage them in brand communication, and get new content. It’s worth launching when your audience is already active. This way, you can gather feedback, for example, if there is little or no feedback, or use more complex engagement mechanics with photo creation, videos, idea generation, and more—there are plenty of options!


Another low-cost option for increasing the number of comments is apoll. You choose an engaging, relevant, or simply outstanding topic related to your product or services and offer several answer choices.

It’s essential to work with your audience. If you don’t respond to user comments, it’ll seem like the account is being managed formally. This means it will be harder to create a relaxed atmosphere and win the loyalty of your followers.


Creating discussions among your followers is another way to increase your reach and audience loyalty. You bring up a controversial topic and invite everyone to comment on it.

There can be a lot of discussion in the comments, which is good for you. But don’t forget about moderation so that the followers don’t start insulting each other.

Start discussions in the later stages of engagement, when your audience is used to discussing things in the comments.

How To 

Choose a topic on which your clients often have questions, and do a brief or detailed breakdown. This is a great way to increase engagement and diversify your social media posts. For example, in your field, the most popular type of insurance is life insurance. Share with your audience what life insurance programs are available and how to get them quickly and conveniently. Don’t forget to also mention what documents are needed for this and the advantages and differences of your insurance programs. We guarantee that your subscribers will definitely appreciate such content.


Ask clients to talk about their experiences using your services. Let it be text, photo, or video. This will close audience objections and prove the quality of your products or services, as well as increase confidence in your company. For example, have a satisfied client share how you helped them in a difficult situation and how useful your insurance program was. That way, you’ll increase your audience’s trust and also promote your service.


A section where you can answer frequently asked questions, covering the audience’s objections and pains. Talk about how to order and pay for insurance, how you differ from your competitors, and what insurance programs are appropriate for specific cases. In general, talk about the things your clients often ask your support team on your website or directly when purchasing insurance. Among other things, this will also save your potential client’s time.


In this kind of format, you can show the advantages of your company, what it is proud of, and explain why it’s important to the client. Also, share some interesting statistics from your work. For example, tell how many clients have purchased travel insurance in a year and how many used it for its intended purpose. This section can also talk about exciting statistics from the insurance industry in your country or worldwide. It’s an interesting way to diversify your insurance social media posts.

Posts About the Team

People buy from people, so they need to know who’s behind the abstract name of your company. Show your team, tell them what expertise they have and how they solve your audience’s problems. This way, it’s not just your name that will speak about you—clients will have a pleasant association with your team, which can increase loyalty. You can also take a little time away from work and create a column where your employees talk about their hobbies, motivations, and challenges.

Manager’s Blog

One of the approaches in the social networks of business is communication on behalf of the CEO. In this case, the account will be primarily associated with the first person of the company, and publications can evoke more trust. But even in the case of maintaining a profile on behalf of your company, you can periodically make posts with messages from the CEO. For example, they can speak about the company, its values, and difficulties they are solving with hard work or even congratulate your audience on holidays.


Reading company news about computer upgrades or a new coffee machine in the office isn’t interesting. But if your information directly affects clients, tell them about it. For example, if you have new insurance programs, discounts, or you have updated existing programs. Your clients will appreciate being quickly informed about such important things.

Social Media = Relationships

Social networks are rarely used for direct sales (with the exception of advertising campaigns). These platforms are used to build relationships between the company and customers, increase brand awareness, work with reputation, etc.

Potential customers who communicate with you on social media want to know you as a person, not as a corporation. That’s why all communications must be friendly and personable. The purpose of social media is not to make an immediate sale but to build relationships. Social media in the insurance industry fails as an advertising tool in the conventional sense. People usually don’t find an insurance agent on Facebook, don’t contact them via personal messages, or make an appointment to buy an insurance plan. Social media is more closely associated with building brand awareness. Yes, it doesn’t lead to an immediate sale, but it encourages potential customers to remember you and, if necessary, to contact you directly.

Participation Is Crucial

Insurance is a product that doesn’t vary much from one company to another. Even if that happens, your company has dozens or even thousands of agents in your area who sell similar services. And in that case, the client buys from you because they like you. The product or service itself is secondary to your personality. Most social networks give administrators a way to gauge how a publication performs, to determine which posts get the most likes, comments, and reposts. Using this information, you can find common themes with your customers. Also, pay attention to the type of content. Perhaps your followers prefer short posts to long ones, infographics to long videos, etc. By figuring out this trend, you’ll be able to create the most effective posts possible.

Use Social Media Regularly

Promoting an insurance company on social media is no different from any other process in this regard. If you have social media accounts, maintain them regularly. “Regularly” doesn’t mean every day. You can release posts once a day, once a week, etc. The key is regularity. If you’re a proponent of having a lot of you, be careful about the quality of your publications. Publishing something just for the sake of filling your profile is not a good option—your audience values quality, useful or interesting content. In addition, the question of the regularity of posting should be decided after you’ve figured out what content your followers like best.

Make Time to Talk

In addition to scheduling posts, you need to make time to talk to your clients. Responding to comments and posts is what connects you even more strongly with social media users. Naturally, the sooner you respond to a message, the better the chance you have of making the person contacting you a client or a follower. So to make sure you don’t miss important communications, set up email notifications, enable push notifications, or install the social network app you use to promote. That way, you’ll always be in touch and be able to respond promptly.

Promoting an insurance company is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance—the essential things are consistency, care, and patience. Here, you not only maintain and strengthen relationships with the existing clients but also find new ones.

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