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25 Social Media Analytics Tools That Will Actually Show You The Truth
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Social marketers expect a lot from the platforms they use, and their expectations surrounding social media analytics tools are no exception. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there. So many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones to use. That’s why we’ve created a complete guide to really useful social media analytics tools.

This will give you a brief overview of what the tools have to offer. Once you identify which ones are right for you, you’re ready for social media analysis.

Social media Analytics Tool

Starting Price

Free Trial Period

Supported Platforms


Simply Measured (web) $500 / month 14 days Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Google+, Pinterest,


Unlimited data storage and user accounts, performance measurement across all networks in single space
Google Analytics (web, mobile) Free No Any social channel Free online training
Iconosquare (web) $2.4 / month 7 days Instagram Live support, hashtags and competitors following (Elite plan only)
Audiense (web) Free 15 days Twitter Nimble, Google Analytics, and Bitly integration
FanPage Karma (web) Free 14 days Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest Comparison of an unlimited number of pages
Twitonomy (web) Free No Twitter Excel and PDF reports backup, any user’s tweets download
Keyhole (web) $116 / month 3 days Twitter, Instagram Single search-feed real-time tracking
SumAll (web) $99 / month No Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Analytics Best performing format data
PromoRepublic (web) $12 / month 30 days Facebook, Twitter Content calendar with occasions, intuitive image editor, content templates and ideas
Quintly (web) Free 14 days Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs Chrome extension, beginner’s tour, custom metrics
Tailwind (web) $9.99 / month Unlimited time, 100 free scheduled pins available Pinterest Save pins in drafts
Sprout Social (web, mobile) $59 / month 30 days Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ Feedly integration
Agora Pulse (web, mobile) $29 / month 15 days Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ PowerPoint reports, 3 free Facebook marketing tools
Social Bakers (web, mobile) $120 / month 14 days Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, Google+ In-app chat, shared calendars
Unmetric (web, mobile) Free Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest PowerPoint reports, Unmetric Discover
Crowdbooster (web) $8 / month 30 days Facebook,


Live chat and forum support, missed tweet respond reminder
Nuvi (web) Custom Live demo with social media expert on demand Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, RSS feeds Video tutorials, phone support
Brand 24 (web, mobile) $49 / month 14 days The whole web Slack integration
Social Ears (web) Free Yes, but not clear how many days Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS/Blog feeds Topicjacking
Digimind (web, mobile) $499 / month 7 days The whole web Integration with Hootsuite, Top Reputation module
True Social Metrics (web, mobile) $27 / month 30 days Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, SlideShare, Vimeo, Pinterest, Vine, Google+ Community Comparison with competitors, Tableau integration
Social Report (web, mobile) $19 / month 30 days 19 social media, Carl! Skype support, publications geocoding
Followerwonk (web) Free No Twitter Search bios tab, filter by ‘no relationship’, sort by social authority,
Hootsuite (web, mobile) Free 30 days Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Analytics App directory, streams
Buffer (web, mobile) Free 7-14 days Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn Auto-complete, custom link shortener

1. Simply Measured

A social media analytical tools for individuals all the way to big enterprises. The starting price is $500 per month. A free trial is available, but be ready to send the company’s representative your email, phone number, company’s website, and audience size and wait for the reply. In our case, we received the following reply from Simply Measured team:1The tool allows you to analyze the data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The cheapest Social plan allows 10 social profiles, unlimited user accounts and data storage, and email tech support (9 to 5), but analytics are a bit limited. To access all of it, you’ll have to sign up for Advanced plan ($1000/month) or higher.

Free reports let you analyze your social media data without registration. It includes Facebook content analysis, Twitter follower analysis, Instagram user analysis and so on. After entering your login and password, Simply Measured generates a big report, which partly looks like the following:
2You can download it to Excel and continue analyzing raw data.

Simply Measured allows you to create reports on the web and export them in PowerPoint and Excel, track keywords and online mentions, set alerts for custom triggers, and measure social performance. That is, in general. It is impossible to describe all the features of the tool, as it covers every possible aspect regarding your social media presence you may be interested in. This includes audience, posts, engagement, comments, reach, competitors related issues and many more.This is perhaps one of the most detailed social media analytics tools that transforms complex data into simple visuals.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics primary function is to track website traffic, however there are a few ways you can apply it for your social media analysis in case you have a website:

  • Track site traffic from various social media channels
  • Check how your website influences the awareness of your social channels
  • Track the influence of your social media channels on goal conversion
  • View the types of content that drives the most traffic on your website

The service is free and provides free online training. However, this tool won’t help you if you don’t have a website. Moreover, even if you have a website, there may be a bit of data overload in terms of website analytics that will distract your attention and take up precious time. There are some other limitations with reports which are solved in paid accounts. Unfortunately, their price is $150.000 annually, which makes them unreachable for social media marketers.
33. Iconosquare

This is one of the top social media analytics tools for Instagram. The starting price is $28.80 per year. The seven-day trial period allows you to try almost all of the features. The app will show you everything you need to know about your account:

  • Followers – followers growth, gained and lost followers, top followers, followers location, community structure, followings that don’t follow you back, followers that you don’t follow back
  • Content – post history, post distribution, filter usage, post density, tag repartition, geolocation
  • Engagement – likes and comments history and stats, best time to post, filter impact, tag usage, talk rate, engagement rate, most engaging, liked, and commented media
  • Competitors – choose up to 5 competitors and compare your performance with theirs
  • Hashtags – choose up to 3 hashtags and check out the most relevant analytics for each of them

The last two options are available only for Elite plan subscribers. Separately, you can follow the top brands and top influencers presence and performance.

Looking through all of your posts and writing comments is even easier than in mobile app. The interface is easy and intuitive. Generated reports can be sent to your email.
44. Audiense

Before signing up for free trial, you need to fill out a short form with your name, Twitter account, email, and purpose. A free account is available, but very limited. Paid accounts start at $39 per month. All you can imagine about your Twitter account is here:

  • Monitoring – create customized searches and monitor Twitter users, keywords, or hashtags to follow the latest demographics, opinions, trends, user behaviour, and so on
  • Reports – create reports about profile performance, follower intelligence, following intelligence, and content optimization


  • Engagement – this tool helps to interact with your community and contacts more effectively by creating automate actions, keeping tabs on influencers, and posting at optimal time
  • Target – discover new Twitter users, create customized campaign audiences, analyze competitors’ accounts and members of your Twitter lists, import users from TXT file, and import email contacts

Analytics – this is one of the most important tools, where you can view the insights about your profile, generate best tweet time reports, analyze tweets effectiveness, visualize real-time data for your Twitter community, compare up to 3 accounts, and analyze follower behavior6

5. FanPage Karma

FanPage Karma is a free social media analytics tool for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. The free plan has only Facebook integration, so if you want to analyze the other 5 social networks, you’ll have to be willing to pay. Paid plans start at $69.90 per month. Additionally, you can purchase a less expensive monitoring and analysis plan for Google+ and Twitter only (starting at $14.90 per month) or get access to all KPI raw data (an additional $6.90 per month/profile. Minimum turnover per month is $34.90).

FanPage Karma includes the following features:

  • Post analysis – best posting time, frequency, engaging posts, types of posts and topics
  • Fans analysis – fan posts, pages with same active fans, influencers
  • Reports – top posts, benchmarking and KPI reports, PowerPoint and Excel report


  • Comparison – compare an unlimited number of pages (trends, KPIs, market share)
  • Tagging – tag posts and analyze them to increase engagement
  • Monitoring – latest reports, email alerts

6. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a free Twitter analytics tool, which, however, offers a paid premium account with additional features. Information about paid plans is available only after you sign up with your Twitter account.
8A free subscription will provide you with the following analytics:

1. Profile tab

  • Tweets analytics – tweets per day, user mentions, links, tweets retweeted and favourited, replies, hashtags, and so on
  • Graphs and diagrams with tweet history, posting time, and platforms most tweeted from
  • Followers, followings, favorites, and tweets lists

2. Mentions and RTs tab

  • Mentions’ Graphs and stats
  • Most influential, engaging, and active users
  • Top hashtags
  • World map that shows where mentions come from
  • Retweets stats (favoured, replies, includes mentions, links, and hashtags)

3. Followers and followings tab – detailed stats

4. Lists – add chosen accounts to your lists and pin them to your dashboard to filter the tweets you need

9Twitonomy’s Premium features include but are not limited to:


7. Keyhole

This social media analytic tool for Instagram and Twitter offers a 3 day free trial period. Subscriptions start at $116 monthly.

Once you create an account, the tool lets you search for keywords (on Twitter or Instagram). You can also do this search without registering. The results include top posts, timeline graph, top sites and share of posts diagrams, most influential and recent users, location, demographics, topics, and top sources.


Other features include:

  • Alerts – track keywords all over Twitter or Instagram with chosen filters and receive email notifications
  • Influencers – filter influencers based on activity, engagement, or impact
  • Historical data – past campaign data reports within one business day. Create Excel reports
  • Device recognition – check what devices users use to post
  • Media tracking – track specific videos and images
  • Gender analysis
  • Most popular keywords and hashtags – the tool avoid the ones you have already searched for
  • Real-time tracking – track keywords, hashtags, URLs, and mentions
  • Types of posts – Keyhole create diagrams to distinguish original tweets, retweets, and replies
  • Repetitions – identify spammers and active users by checking the number of posts per topic
  • Popular websites – find out the most popular websites that are related to your topic
  • Geodata – find where people like your topic the most

8. SumAll

This is the first tool for social media analytics we found that doesn’t offer a free trial period. The service offers one plan for $99 month, which includes all the features. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Analytics.


Once you decide to purchase a subscription plan, you receive:

  • Unlimited social media profiles
  • Reports – engagement breakdown, post analysis, follower growth, content reach
  • Insights – keywords, hashtags, structure, audience, and time analyses, tips for content improvement
  • Monthly and weekly reports
  • Priority support
  • Weekly and daily email digests

9. PromoRepublic

To use analytics tools you need something to analyze. If you want your analytics to consist of three-digit or more numbers, your posts should be engaging, eye-catching, and useful. This is where the idea matters the most. Holidays, sports and show business events, days from history, etc – this is what people want to see in your posts because that is what’s happening at this very moment. It’s an easy and effective way to create viral and engaging content. And it is twice as easy with PromoRepublic.

This social media content calendar has a simple statistics tab, where you can analyze your posts and tweets in details. The service offers a 30 day free trial period and the starting price is $12 per month. The only difference between subscription plans  is the amount of social profiles you can connect.


  • Content calendar with occasions – every day the service offers you several occasions (holidays, days from history, sports events, etc.) to post about
  • Templates library – this is the only content calendar with social media library, which consists of approximately 2k post ideas, including polls, promotions, quizzes, links, and trending content (designed specifically for occasions mentioned previously)
  • Statistics – analyze your posts by checking views, clicks, external links visits, and posts efficiency
  • Momento publishing – this feature helps you to publish at optimal time, so that your posts reach as many users as possible
  • Drag-and-drop graphics editor – intuitive and easy tool for customizing images before posting


10. Quintly

Quintly provides analytics for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs. The app has a free plan, which is limited to Facebook only. For the full set be ready to pay at least $129 per month.

When you sign up to Quintly and add at least one social media profile, the tool allows you to start their tour to learn about the features. You will go through every tab and find out what they mean.

Quintly offers:

  • Benchmarking – track and analyze competitor’s data
  • Analytics – more than 250 inbuilt metrics for all social media
  • Smart reports – receive reports that adapt to your dashboard and add any metric you need
  • Custom dashboards – add multiple widgets to track your performance


  • Metrics – measure performance, KPI, engagement
  • Influencers – track influencer’s presence
  • Exporting – export in CSV or Excel formats and download any metrics as JPG, PNG, PDF, PPTX, or live-feed link
  • Sponsored post detection – 96% accuracy
  • Quintly query language – create custom metrics (based on SQLite)


11. Tailwind

This is one of the few Pinterest-only social media analytics tools. It offers a free trial period (100 free pins) and several plans (bloggers and small businesses start at $9.99 per month and Pro for large brands and agencies can go for $799.99 per month ).

The tool includes the following features:

  • Browser extension – schedule multiple pins from any website
  • Instagram synchronization – schedule your Instagram photos to Pinterest
  • Drap-and-drop upload – upload multiple images from your computer
  • Drafts – create drafts, save them, and finish later
  • Weekly pinning schedule – schedule your pins for the most engaging time


  • Profile performance – check the engagement of your pins regularly
  • Pin inspector – analyze up to 5000 pins and see which ones are working
  • Board insights – track repins, virality, comments, and followers to define engagement
  • Domain monitoring – see what people pin from your website

There are other useful features, like brand page insights or domain benchmarks, which are available only for enterprise subscribers (requires custom pricing).

12. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media marketing tool to help you manage and analyze your activity in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. As well as other “diligent” services, it has a 30 day free trial period for all plans. After that, it costs $59 per month for the least expensive one.

With Sprout Social you can:

  • Create multiple reports


  • Discover your followers, people who have mentioned you, and people you interact with
  • Unfollow silent accounts and find conversations by keywords
  • Analyze your engagement, demographics, and other related data
  • Connect Feedly and share the latest content
  • Schedule posts and filter them by profile
  • View the feeds and messages from all your profiles and react in one click
  • Create and assign tasks for team members

13. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is a social media monitoring, analytics, publishing and management tool. It offers a 15 day free trial and 4 subscription plans from $29 to $199. The least expensive plan includes one social profile, one user, a mobile app, and publishing and monitoring tools.

Additionally, the service has 3 free Facebook marketing tools available for everyone: page benchmark analysis, timeline contest manager, and Agorapulse academy with training videos.

Agora Pulse can help you with:

  • Managing your mentions and private messages in Inbox tab
  • Monitoring your appearance on social media
  • Scheduling, publishing, queueing, and viewing posts via calendar
  • Checking data on people who interact with your social accounts
  • Creating audience, engagement, brand awareness, performance, and community management reports and exporting them to PowerPoint

1814. Socialbakers

This analytics tool for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, YouTube, and Google+ won’t let you miss a thing in your social media business. You have 14 days to try the demo version for free. The smallest plan costs $120 per month and includes 20 profiles, 250k page sizes, 90 days data history, 5 user seats, and email support. A mobile app is also available.

The service provides you with the following options:

  • Profile overview

Get access to the latest social media accounts’ visualized stats: growth of total followers, number of profile posts, distribution of profile post types, most engaging posts, evolution and distribution of interactions, and so on.19

  • Precise followers’ analytics

Distribution, growth of total followers and total following, growth of total listed, summary.

  • Engagement analytics

Number of interactions and mentions, user activity, moving averages of number of interactions per 1000 followers, etc.

  • Socially devoted

Response rate, response time, etc.

  • Inspiration

Explore content library and find new ideas

  • Real-time tracking

Track for keywords and hashtags,  your share of voice, and influencers talking about your brand.

  • Export reports in PDF, PNG, XLSX, or PPTX formats


  • Socialbakers builder

Boost posts from the app and track the conversations around your brand.

15. Unmetric

This data analytics platform offers several options:21You can install a tracking product on your Android or IOS smartphone and use it absolutely free. Simply add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube social profiles of the brands you want to follow and track every post.

1 (1)

Unmetric Discover product is a new one. It allows exploring content ideas from famous brands, discover trending topics, and saving and sharing ideas. To try it, request an invite for demo version and Unmetric managers will send it to you shortly.

Finally, the most useful product – Analytics. Free trial is available, but be ready to pay $490 per month after it finishes. The app has the following features:

  • Competitors’ comparison

First choose a social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn) and add accounts you want to compare to the list. Next, choose what you want to compare (pages posts content, or campaigns) and enjoy the visuals. You can save save any time in JPG, PDF, Excel, or CSV and even share the link.23

  • Ideate

Choose a social media, search for keywords and get inspired by the most engaging content, see the highlights, or explore the best performers (pages, posts, content, campaigns).

  • Analytics

Choose a social media, brand and explore the detailed analytics with visuals and stats.

16. Crowdbooster


If you want to start your Crowdbooster 30-day free trial, make sure you have a credit card on hand to enter billing information. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for the first 30 days. The tool integrates with Facebook and Twitter.


  • Simple analytics

Receive reports with likes, reach, impressions, retweets, comments, followers, shares analytics and many more.

  • Audience tracker

Find out who is your biggest fan and analyze community growth factors.

  • Recommendations

The tool will help you to find the best posting time, potential audience, and give advices for improvements.

  • Let your clients access your dashboard
  • Give different permissions to team members
  • Export analytics to CSV
  • Schedule automated posts

17. Nuvi

This social media tool provides analytics, real-time tracking, and data visualization. Nuvi does not provide the customer with several subscription plans and pricing. Price will depend on your needs. In order to start, you need to submit your first and last name, phone number, email, and company name and wait until the expert contacts you.

The service divide its social media analytic tools into 5 categories:

  • Monitor

Control markets, products, industries, competition, customers, and even crisis. Monitor everything that happens around your brand and stay tuned.

  • Analyze

Collect the data by monitoring Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, and up to 3 million RSS feeds to understand your competitiveness. Nuvi will alert you in case of emergency (either good or bad). Analyze engagement, demographics, timing, and other related data. Intuitive dashboards will help to take the right decisions.

  • Report

Easy, one-click reports with intuitive visuals and stats.

  • Publish

Compose and publish posts without switching between accounts.

  • Audiences

Nuvi collects millions of public opinions daily and create your brand’s complete social story.

18. Brand 24

Brand 24 is all about analyzing your appearance in social media. The tool offers a 14 day free trial and a minimum $49 per month for subscription. It has mobile app, Slack integration, and a bunch of useful analytics features. All you need is to choose what topic you want to analyze.24

Brand 24 is more about what is happening around you, about what people are saying about you, and about engagement and analytics. You don’t need to integrate with social media accounts – Brand 24 will find everything about them by simple keyword search.

The tool will show you every inch of information, where your brand (or keyword) is mentioned. With mentions feed, you will know exactly who, when, where, and what are telling about you.25

Other features:

  • Discussion volume chart – know when something goes wrong to protect your brand’s image
  • Alerts – Brand 24 know when to take actions
  • Data exporting – export analytics reports in PDF or Excel and create infographics
  • Filtering – filter data by social media channels

19. Social Ears

Social Ears claims they know how to supercharge your content marketing strategy. This tool integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and RSS feeds. A free trial is available, but unfortunately, we cannot tell the exact amount of days because the tool showed us really strange numbers.26With Social Ears you can:

  • Search for hot content, popular articles, and influencers


  • Optimize your content
  • Generate titles
  • Analyze social performance

20. Digimind

Digimind is a powerful social media listening platform with a 7 day free trial. Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive social media analytics tools in our guide. But don’t jump to conclusions. Check out why they charge so much first.

The service offers 3 products:

1. Digimind Social

  • This product is created for marketers. Here is what it can do:
  • Check what people are saying about your brand by monitoring the whole web
  • Analyze your accounts’ performance (benchmarking, trends, influencers, ROI, etc.)
  • Engage with our communities
  • Find out what customers want to know about your products, people, brands, or competitors using Top Reputation module
  • Generate reports using templates

2. Digimind Intelligence

This one is for public and private sectors. KIt’s kind of analytics tool for big players. Includes mobile and web apps. With app you can:

  • Monitor competitor product launches, campaigns, events, partnerships
  • Follow major political and public news
  • Provide scientific approach to data analysis
  • Secure web data
  • Get help with logistics and sales

3. Digimind command center

Real-time comprehensive social monitoring tool.28

  • Check how your brand is represented in social media
  • Follow competitor reputation and monitor the industry

21. True Social Metrics

This is one of the best social media analytics tools considering the amount of social media it supports (10 social media from Standard pack + 3 from Premium). The app allows you connecting multiple social accounts, even those you do not own, and analyze and compare them. There is a 30 day free trial available. The small plan starts at $27 per month and includes only three Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts.

True Social Metrics has many valuable features:

  • Compare performance of your social media and find the most effective ones
  • Analyze trends, interaction and engagement rates
  • Check your social media performance comparing to industry standards
  • Best posting time
  • Analyze post effectiveness, best types and segments
  • Discover the most influential users and their interests
  • Analyze your brand together with competitors
  • Generate reports, fill them up with visuals, and use Tableau to build graphs

The app has a useful manual to quickly get to the core.2922. Social Report

Social Report is a special app in our list of social media analytics tools – it supports 19 social media (we bet, you can’t name them all!). The app has a 30 day free trial period (credit card info needed). The starter plan costs $19/month. Additionally, anyone can get a free Twitter report in exchange for following Social Report on Twitter.30Let’s go through the tool’s main features:

  • Tracking and analysis of social media profiles, blogs, websites
  • Competitor analysis
  • Weekly, daily, and custom reports
  • Post scheduling, targeting, geocoding
  • ROI measurement
  • Keyword search
  • Influencers’ identification
  • Hashtags, keywords, and tags monitoring

23. Followerwonk

One of the best free social media analytics tools for Twitter by Moz with no free trial. However, the free plan does not include analyzing and optimizing options, so if you need them, get ready to pay at least $23 per month.

What Followerwonk can do for you:

  • Search keywords and get profiles and audience related to your interests
  • Compare followers with other accounts and find crossovers


  • Analyze followers by location, active time, gender, language and other parameters to optimize strategy
  • Track your followers to understand what you tweet right and wrong
  • Sort your followers to identify authorities you don’t follow

24. Hootsuite

This editorial calendar has a powerful set of social media analytics tools for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Analytics. The tool offers a free limited plan. A 30-day free trial Pro version is available. You can build custom reports for your social accounts with granular analytics that include growth, shares, mentions and so on. Some report templates are available for free, others are available in Pro and Enterprise plans. If you are using free plan, you can purchase Pro and Enterprise reports for points. Hootsuite has a free mobile app to check your stats on the go.3225. Buffer

This service offers a free plan, where you can check the major analytics for your social accounts including Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn. Note that Buffer will show only the content-related information you have posted via the tool. If you use other tools or post directly from social media platforms, those publications won’t appear in Buffer. The service offers a free plan and 7-14-day free trials for paid plans. The UI is very intuitive.

Buffer allows you to filter your posts by clicks, likes, shares, comments, type (image, text, link, or video posts) and reach, build diagrams based on these characteristics, and check every post in details.33Some stats are available in the free plan, and the full set of social media analytics is included in Small plan ($99/month) or higher. Like Hootsuite, Buffer has a free convenient mobile app with analytics.

Find your own turn

We don’t presume to choose one of these social media analytics tools. We just tried to make your search easier and put up some traffic signs so you don’t miss a turn you might really need.

If you know something we don’t, please, share your knowledge about social media analytic tools with us in the comments below.

  • Kuba Rogalski

    Hey Alla, that’s one of the most impressive and comprehensive compilations I’ve recently come across! It’s extremely useful to have so many information on so many different tools available at one place. Also, many thanks for including on the list!

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  • Clara Taylor

    The list of tool mentioned here is great!
    I would suggest a platform Snoopreport for monitoring user actions on Instagram This service tracks all the user’s likes, comments and follows and provides them in handy weekly and monthly reports. It will be definitely useful for analytics 🙂