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50 advices on writing content

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Today’s hot topic is all about “shades”, and is a chance for us to contribute to modern society. The only difference is that we will do this by giving you 50 tips on how to create content for social networks.

So, here we are:

1. People perceive content emotionally. The more emotions your content evokes, the more viral the effect.

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2. Content should be either emotional or useful. The latter can be attributed as inbound marketing: a new type of marketing that is rapidly growing and  specifically aims to create useful content instead of simple ads.

3. The best way to learn how to writing useful and unique content is to write lots of it and analyse how your audience reacts.

4. The approach you have to keep in mind is, “if I am interested in what I am writing about, it will be interesting to read”.

5. Try to write about content that is relevant. Try to stay up to date, and turn to Google Trends if you need help staying in touch.

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6. If you have to write an article, start with a plan.

7. Keep track of sentences length. Rememer: numbers up to 10 should be written in words.

8. Read the best copywriters and learn from their experience.

9. Try not to use or inaccurately substitute foreign words.

10. Less adjectives, more facts.

11. Before publishing, reread your text as unfamiliar and out loud.

12. Write the same way as you speak.

13. Their’s is not a real word. However, that dog could be theirs. Understand? There’s nothing to it! 

14. Compose content plans by at least a week ahead. This allows for adjustment.

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15. People are attracted by diversity. Do not always serve them content in the same format. First of all, consider the interests of your audience. Instead of traditional text, maybe they would like a post consisting of photos and quotes.

16. Start writing as soon as possible. Quality content requires time.

17. Any content can be presented from the good side, as well as the bad. Think on how you can use it.

18. Write with a specific audience in mind. Figure out what troubles them and offer a readily available solution in the form of content.

19. Give specific examples.

20. The deeper you dive into a topic, the more valuable your information will be. It’s one thing to talk about animals, while it’s another to joke about kittens.

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21. Do not evaluate your content with “likes” and “shares”, write for your target audience.

22. Image. One picture: a thousand words. You get the idea.

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23. Don’t be afraid to try out new things, even if it means pushing away some of your customers. It’s far more important to strengthen your relationship with the customers that you really need.

24. Share your own experience, no matter if it’s good or bad. Of course, good experience is better! ☺

25. Share with your audience the info that your competitors would withhold.

26. Provide solutions in your content.

27. Share exciting stories of your own.

28. Combine different types of content: text, visual, video, audio, webinars. However, it’s important that they complement each other.

29. If you receive a negative reaction, it’s better away from the arguing. Instead, explain your own conclusions, even if some may disagree.

30. Use lists.

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31. Use words in your titles that suggest your content is of benefit to the reader. For example, “valuable”, “free”, “simple and easy”, and so on.

32. Use handy instruments for text.

33. Create your own unique style. This will encourage your readers to come back for more.

34. Write short texts that are easy to read.

35. Include content that offer a fresh look at ordinary things.

36. Unique content is the thing you considered and wrote yourself.

37. Content designed for social networks should be built around the following strategy: target audience analysis, analysis of competitors, targets and tasks, KPI, editorial policy and planning.

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38. The value of unique content lies in uncovering “gotchas”, i.e. subtleties and nuances. This means that you should pay attention to details, but try to not go too far.☺

39. Always keep the bar high and approach content in terms of quality, not quantity.

40. Write concisely and pay attention to spelling.

41. Explain complex things with simple language.

42. Dilute useful content with “funnies”, even if they don’t directly contribute to lead generation.

43. Write about things that you know well.

44. Promptly react to questions.

45. Radiate positivity throughout your text.

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46. Add text directly to photographs. Here we can help you out with a free graphic editor from PromoRepublic.



47. Be convincing and use facts.

48. Content is ought to encourage action. In our case, we want you to start writing better content.

49. Expand your vocabulary by reading books or listening to literary recordings.

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50. Publish. Systematically. Quality content.

We would be grateful if you add to our collection with your advice. Tell us some interesting stories and let us know what makes content useful and unique for YOU.

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