7 ways to increase social network content conversion

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What you will learn:

  • the process of transformation from reader to customer
  • 7 ways to speed up the process

Everybody says that social networks help to attract potential clients. But no one writes about the timing. Promotion within social networks is an investment in the future, and you have to deal with it every single day in order to receive feedback.

Let’s start by getting to grips with the stages of attracting subscribers to the page and turning them into potential customers.



The reader can see your page in his news feed. Perhaps one of his friends ‘likes’ it. He moves to your web page, and the first thing that catches his eye is a profile with a site header and description. He then begins to view your latest publications. And if he enjoys the content and has a positive impression, you get his ‘like’!


Ok, so you got the reader’s ‘like’. And let’s imagine you have created the original content and placed it directly into your news feed. However, you still can’t be sure that every subscriber will see it. If the user realizes the usefulness of your content, he pays attention and gets used to reading your news feed. Remember: only up to 16% of subscribers to your fanpage can be reached organically (without paid advertising of your content). The more useful it is, the more people you will reach!


There are branded images among your posts, consisting of, among others, logo, corporate identity and font, nameplate or filters. Subscribers begin to notice these things and single out your style.


Let’s imagine you have successfully attracted interest, brought the reader some benefit and caused a stir with your unique style. So, you find yourself at a stage when the reader is almost ready to commit to your product or service. He has the confidence in your company.

However, at this stage people begin to ask questions. Your task is to give your potential client the most comprehensive answer possible. This will help him understand all the advantages of cooperating with you.


At this stage, the ordinary reader transforms into a potential customer. Your task now is to “help” the client to make his first purchase. Offer him a discount that he simply cannot refuse!

Speeding up the process

Now you have a basic understanding of how social networks help to sell your product or service. The transformation of the reader into a potential buyer takes a different of time for each person. But, you can help to speed up the process, and we will tell you how.

1. Make sure that content is being produced constantly. But that is not enough. Now that you know that people are unlikely to buy your product or service immediately, you need to permanently attract their attention. This is achieved by releasing content, and only then will you interact with your potential client several times. The main thing is to provide them with the most useful material related to your business.

Important! Exchange your useful material for e-mails by using Google Forms for events, webinars and landings. This way you will constantly refresh your database.

2. Show that you are an expert and that you are the only choice! If you are doing something you love then you will know your business inside out. Share the valuable information that you have encountered in your field and make conclusions based on articles you read. Translate your ideas into posts or share articles published on expert media resources. Show people that knowledge can be obtained through experience, and they will respond.

3. Make your call to action clear. Do not make people guess what you want them to understand. Just write it. Be sure to include a call to action when selling posts: “buy, look, go to the site, take part in the competition, etc.” This increases the chance of conversion. Furthermore, there is no sense in embedding links in your pages on social networks without incentivizing people to go there!

4. Set short term deadlines for your promotions – for example, super-fast special offers valid for between 5-24 hours. You’ll have no doubt seen a goods offer stating “promotion is valid until …”, “the first three buyers will receive a discount …”, and so on. And if you really want to buy this product, you make a quicker purchase decision.

5. Reward loyal customers publicly. Show them that you really appreciate their efforts and are happy to reward them with a gift. Therefore you grow your brand ambassadors. Create a tag for this person (@ name), so that the Facebook notification will include him. He will then thank you for the gift.

6. Ask opinion leaders to visit or try your product/service. These people are experts in their fields and are likely to have the maximum amount of friends – 5000. Your task is to choose people who can really enjoy your product or service. Suggest, for example, trying your product or service for free or, at the very least, offer an impressive discount. If the opinion leader is satisfied, he will write you a review on your page or mention you in his blog. And so begins word of mouth advertising.

7. Build good relationships with other business representatives, groups and the media in your industry. Yes, it’s all about networking. Keeping up relationships will allow you to ask to crosspost or even create a joint competition. Remember, the more people who see your post, the more chances there are that in the future they will become potential customers. Therefore, increase your coverage by placing posts not just on your own page, but other pages as well as in groups and different locations.


Successful promotion on social networks can be achieved in two ways: using an advertising budget or building relationships with people based on mutual benefit. The first option is faster but requires a budget, while the second takes more time and effort, but the payoff is more efficient. It’s your choice…

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