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8 tools to put agency on autopilot
Helen Holovach Helen Holovach Reading time: 10 minutes

8 Tools That Can Help You Put Your Agency Marketing On Autopilot

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Doing any type of marketing manually is a truly time-consuming task. So it’s not surprising that you as a professional keep wondering how to put your agency marketing on autopilot.

One cannot (and really shouldn’t) do everything manually, especially in the 21st century. You want a list of tools that will save you time, budget, effort, and make your workflow truly FLOW. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of tools to help you automate and streamline your agency marketing.

Social media marketing

Social media is a powerful channel to generate leads and drive sales, especially in the B2C niche. Research shows that social media marketing is highly-effective and profitable, and it becomes even more so when the right automation tools are used.


the power of social media



Price: $9-182/month (billed annually)

Free option: 14-day free trial


PromoRepublic tool


PromoRepublic is an automation platform for social networks that suits small and mid-size businesses, marketing agencies, freelancers, and in-house teams. PromoRepublic is not just an automation tool responsible for scheduling and autoposting, but social media content creation too.

Whichever plan you choose, you will have access to at least 3 social profiles, a library of 100k+ post ideas, graphics editor, content publishing scheduling, and posting time suggestions depending on the content (suggested by an AI).

If you have enough inspiration and time, you can create appealing content on your own. Upload photos, logos, and corporate fonts to use in banners and posts. But for those who want to streamline their social media posting, PromoRepublic offers a set of templates for promotional, engaging, and educational purposes for more than 20 types of businesses.

No doubt, whatever you do, you need to see the results of your work. PromoRepublic will provide detailed stats including likes, followers, and efficiency.

Here’s a list of the key features you’re provided with on the platform:

  • Weekly email report with autogenerated recommendations for the next week;
  • One-click post to social media platforms and scheduling;
  • Set different picture sizes for social networks;
  • Save templates for future use;
  • Easy-to-use drag-n-drop post editor.

Using PromoRepublic, you will put your social media marketing on autopilot, generate leads and traffic, drive sales and easily monitor your success.

Email marketing

Email marketing automation is one of the main must-haves for email marketers in 2019 and more and more professionals start using it. Here are the main reasons why:


marketing automation benefits


There are lots of email marketing automation tools and it wasn’t easy to choose the best ones that will suit both small and mid-size businesses. Two of the most widely-used and positively-reviewed ones are Email Drip Campaigns and Woodpecker.

Price: $29-139/month; annual plans are available

Free option: freemium interface is a cold outreach automation platform that was designed to help marketers streamline and automate their workflow. The platform is a truly all-in-one tool with lots of useful features. Ever wanted to be able to find, verify, and contact leads and do it all within one platform? can find leads and their email addresses, check if the found emails are valid, send automated triggered email drip campaigns, track their performance and schedule follow-ups. is a SaaS platform wish a handful of useful extensions:

  • Email Finder to search for email addresses on any website
  • Email Verifier to verify found email addresses
  • Email Tracker that integrates with your Gmail and notifies you when your email is opened and link clicked
  • Technology Checker to see which technologies stack is used on websites and analyze the competition

Basically you pay for one and receive access to hundreds of dollars worth of tools on a single platform. doesn’t just improve your email marketing, but social media marketing as well: use Email Finder to search for email marketing influencers’ contacts and automate outreach with the help of email drip campaigns. As for the email marketing, is perfect for agencies: you can add an unlimited number of sender email accounts, one for each client, create unlimited campaigns with unlimited number of emails. You are only limited in the number of unique monthly recipients according to your plan.

This all-in-one tool will save you time and money. Firstly, you won’t have to switch between different platforms, and you won’t have to pay separately for each tool. Even if this feature is not enough for you, you can take advantage of their API and prepare for a soon-to-be-released feature, CRM integration. The platform will allow its users to integrate with Zapier and Pipedrive.

Unlike other similar platforms, offers a freemium with 50 credits and 30 unique drip campaign recipients renewed every month.


Price: $40-80/month; annual plans are available

Free option: 14-day trial




This platform also offers users to send email campaigns automatically. The platform provides features similar to’s:

  • Advanced personalization variables
  • Opens and clicks tracking
  • Reply detection (so when recipients reply to you, the campaign stops for them)
  • Scheduling feature
  • CSV recipients lists import

Woodpecker also offers an in-built email verifier. So before the campaign is sent, all the recipients’ email addresses are checked for validity. The platform has a limit of 500 recipients per day, which should be enough for a small business. The maximum number of emails in an email sequence is 7. The pricing plans start at $40 per user per month.

Content marketing

One could argue that content marketing is one of the main means of brand promotion and driving sales. Once your workflow is automated, you will have far more time to create content. Let’s have a look at two tools that will help you put content marketing on autopilot.


Content marketing tools


Price: $99-499 per month; annual plans are available

Free option: 7-days free trial


BuzzSumo tool


Buzzsumo is a must-have in the arsenal of any professional dealing with any type of content. This is the platform which performs content research based on:

  • Keywords, key phrases, links, brand names, etc.
  • Influencers working within a particular niche and topics
  • Most shared blog and social media posts
  • Competitors content

The platform also analyzes content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It lets you see what type of content is the most relevant and gets the highest number of likes, shares, and exposure.

When you perform keyword analysis, Buzzsumo shows you the most popular content on the web. You can learn if the competitors’ content performs well and compare it to your content performance.

Another feature offered by Buzzsumo, is the author search. Writing is a time-consuming task and let’s face it, not every person can write in an appealing and persuasive manner. So this feature will be a savior for you if you need to find the perfect writer. When you’ve analyzed the content, you can reach out to writers and ask them to contribute to your blog or platform.

Buzzsumo might seem too pricey, but believe me: you won’t regret a penny spent on it. Buzzsumo will also be of great use to editors because it helps define the competitiveness in the niche, schedule blog posts, and build a content plan.


Price: $99-999/month; 7-day trial for $7


ahrefs tool

SEO is everything. No, really. And if you want to know how to outrank your competitors, you definitely need Ahrefs. This is a platform that lets you analyze keywords, monitor your niche, and grow search traffic. Advanced search filters provide you with detailed analysis on organic search, ranking and backlink indices, keyword positions, and much more.

Though the platform is quite pricey, you cannot really succeed in SEO without it. Having a tool like that at your disposal, you will always be on top, even in the most highly-competitive fields.


Price: free


IFTT tool


IFTTT, aka If This, Then That, is an amazing tool that helps automate your workflow within SMM. IFTTT is used to autopost content from one social network to another.

You can add as many accounts on as many platforms as you need. Create triggers or conditions so that the platform performs the actions you’ve defined (similarly to email drip campaigns).

If you’re not familiar with IFTTT, it’s easier to explain it with an example.

For example, you publish a post on your blog. The trigger Post publication is activated and IFTTT automatically tweets about it. That easy.

Here’s a list of the most useful features:

  • Tweet Instagram photos as native photos on Twitter
  • Share Instagram videos to Twitter
  • Automatically upload photos from Instagram to Facebook
  • Auto-post from Facebook to Twitter
  • Auto-send photos from Instagram to Pinterest

This tool is a gem for SMM and content marketing. It can even help you at home: if you have motion detection devices at home, you can trigger automatic light once they detect motion.  There are currently over 54 million applets on IFTTT, meaning you can automate anything.

Extra tools

I’d like to share a few other tools that won’t directly help you automate the workflow. but are quite handy when creating content, composing copies, and making them more appealing. I use them every day, and every marketer can improve their results (for free) by including them in their toolbox.


Price: $9.95/month (billed annually)

Free option: freemium


Canva tool

Whether you’re in email or social media marketing, you always need a tool that will help you create appealing visual content. Yes, you can hire a designer for that. But there are tools that can help you create any type of visual content with ease and for free. They’ll even teach you how! One of such tools is Canva.

Even for free, you have access to 8,000 templates, 1GB storage for designed pics, and paid elements starting at only $1. What is more, you can upload your own pics and elements. Believe me, even the freemium is enough to work like a pro. Even with zero design skills.

You can save created content for emails, social networks, illustrations for blog posts, graphs for your team members, and so much more. It’s the perfect tool for anyone, especially small businesses.


Price: $11.66-15/month (billed annually)

Free option: freemium


Grammarly tool

A tool to support anyone who works extensively with text, either in emails or social media posts or Google Docs. This is a great AI platform that provides a variety of tools to help you with your writing: desktop apps for both Windows and iOS, extensions for browsers, and keyboard for smartphones.

At this point, it’s likely you’ve heard of Grammarly before. Install it and forever forget about grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Grammarly does not only check for mistakes but gives correct options, and it also provides synonyms and definitions, making it a great addition for copywriters. You can add new words to your Grammarly vocabulary so the platform won’t consider a new word as a mistake next time. 

The extension is still in beta, but it’s good enough to save you from an embarrassing typo in your next email or blog post.

Automate or fall behind

Automation is the future. You can either accept this now or watch your productivity pale in comparison to your competition. With the help of these (and many other tools), any professional can put the workflow on autopilot, not only for their clients but for themselves too. Whichever marketing niche you work in, there’s a tool that can streamline your workflow and boost your productivity.



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