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Add Your Restaurant Menu on Facebook
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You have an eye-catching cover photo and a compelling About but as a restaurant, you need to showcase your real goods. That’s right, a menu! Restaurants that are successful on Facebook go beyond the basic FB Page settings. With this series of blog posts, learn how to set up Facebook tabs like:

  • Menu
  • Make a reservation
  • TripAdvisor Reviews

Publish and Promote your Restaurant Menu

This tab (which is Free, by the way) gives your client a chance to look over the menu before they visit your restaurant. Make sure both dishes and prices are up to date.

To add a menu to your Page:

  1. Click About on the left side of your Page  and scroll down to see Menu.


  1. Upload a photo or PDF file of your menu


  1. Once your menu has finished uploading, name each file, e,g you can upload beverages, salads, main course, and desserts separately.


Press Confirm. Keep in mind that Facebook may review your menu and let you know if the menu needs any changes.


  1. Now make it live in Settings. Hit Edit Page and choose Tabs.


Scroll down and click on Add a Tab – add Menu.


When reviewed, you will have a neat menu tab on your page. You can update it whenever you want. Congrats! You are all set.


  • Aureo cesar

    Well, I think restaurant menu is no longer available… I’m using restaurant as category. Could you help me?

    • Travis

      Same here. I’ve been going nuts trying to find it. Everyone online is just pointing to this simple tab. Live in Canada. FB says we should have the option. Any help would be amazing.

    • Alla Bogdan

      Hm, what is your location, Aureo? It is available here in New Zealand, and 100% all over the States. Did you try fb support?

      • Alla Bogdan

        What Page template do you have, Aureo? Facebook offers your business several. Go to Settings – Edit Page – Templates and choose the one for you.

      • Aureo Cesar

        Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. It’s already fixed. The menu feature is back here. Thanks for your reply. Cheers!

        • Alla Bogdan


  • aaronrobb

    Is there any way to post/share that menu on the FB page timeline? We have the tab up but want to promote it to our followers.

    • Alla Bogdan

      Nah, it’s not that great as with Shop tab – you can promote your Shop tab in so many great ways! Hope, Facebook will allow restaurant, pubs, cafes do the same soon.