City Wide Franchise Has Chosen PromoRepublic to Revamp Their Tools for Local Marketing

Tools for Local Marketing
Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
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Upd. on: 30 Jan 2023

January 11th, 2023 – PromoRepublic, the local marketing intelligence platform, announces a new client partnership with City Wide Franchise Company, Inc., the largest management company in the building maintenance industry.

City Wide Franchise Company, Inc., the franchisor counterpart of City Wide Facility Solutions, was founded in 2001. With over two decades of franchising, City Wide has experienced significant growth and has expanded to more than 85 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Growth remains a major focus as the company moves toward the future. To increase in-house functionality at scale and to revamp their franchisee’s marketing support, City Wide replaced SOCi with PromoRepublic.

This partnership will help City Wide:

  • Keep listings accurate and optimized across all locations
  • Break down silos in local marketing data to measure its locations’ performance at scale and get insights on growth opportunities
  • Increase online visibility and grow revenue across locations
  • Automate social media marketing by scheduling and localizing posts at scale
  • Help locations decrease average response time on social

“Through the years, City Wide’s business model has proven resilient and capable of handling growth nationwide. With the PromoRepublic platform, our in-house marketing team is revamping their services for franchisees while providing them with tools for effective local marketing,” says Kasey Skala, Director of Marketing at City Wide Facility Solutions.

“To capture local customers’ attention, brands got to meet them at their hangout spots. It can be local search, social, directories, or review sites. For franchise brands, it means ensuring a strong online presence at every step of the customer journey and analyzing people’s interactions. PromoRepublic is excited to help City Wide cover both of these and grow their brand.” shares Raakkel Sims, Head of Customer Success at PromoRepublic.

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