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Dmytro Polishchuk
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 content curationToday people are using their social media profiles to grow up their business and, as a result, get a bigger income. However, you won`t get a needed result without understanding some basic principles of working with content. And right now, we will be talking about content curation.

What is content curation?

We know that some of out readers are beginners in this sphere, so we should start with a simple definition to explain what we will be talking about. Content curation is a process of adding your voice (and value) to a handpicked collection of content. You gather content connected to one topic from different sources, publish it in the social media and share it with your fans. As you see, the process of content curation is the way easier than it sounds.

However, some developers are performing such content curation without any strategy in order to get a bigger traffic or to increase leads. Well, it`s not how we do it. So, now we will describe basic steps of making a great content curation.

Be sure in a content that you are working with

You should understand that everything that appears on your social media page will be shown to your fans and, probably, other users (if someone will make a repost). To avoid mistakes in the process of content curation, you should always check the information you are going to post or share.

Content curation is much easier than creating your own content

We must agree that this principle is true. You already have something that you are going to work with and there is no need to spend time on creating other content. If you already have something special that was created for you, you can share it with your fans. And again – there is no need to create something else.

Grow your network

If you are working for other people, these people will also work for you. It`s a strong law of the social media. If you are sharing good and interesting content, people will definitely pay attention to it. You are showing your brand, or your blog, or other sort of your business. If you are making everything right, your audience will grow.

Stay informed about all important news

A regular social media user always knows what is happening in the world. Why? Because he is always working with the content, sharing and posting it to the news feed. And of course, he will see other people`s news and posts. That`s how social media works.

How to perform a right content curation?

Now we are moving to the next part of our guide, and now we will be talking about content and everything that you can make with it to achieve success in the process of content curation.

Obviously, you`ll need to determine the topics to share with your fans. After that, locate the articles for those topics. To perform this action, you`ll need some extra tools. We will talk about them later. Now, to decide which posts should be shared, consider to yourself:

  • Who should you share this with?
  • Why would this help them?
  • Is this a trustworthy source?
  • Is it unique and worthy of sharing?
  • Will it make the reader grin, snicker or blush?

Then, when you`ve finished with all these questions, you should time to schedule them. When doing this, also consider the social media “rule of thirds”:

  • Share a third on personal brand promotion
  • Share a third of curated content
  • Share a third about the conversation happening on social media

Know your audience

You should understand who your fans are and what content will be enjoyable for them. You can check their social media profiles or use social media analysis tools to understand who are you working with.

Share only what matters

Relevant. Timely. Interesting. Useful. People won`t react on something that is not interesting for them. However, if your content is really valuable, they will pay attention to it.

Promote yourself

If we are talking about business, promotion is probably the most important part of the whole working process. However, you shouldn`t cross the line and start spamming. Make regular promoting posts two or three times per week, and it`s a maximum.

Schedule your content

You can`t add new post on every time you want or can. There must be a strong schedule for every day of the week. With it, you will have enough time to prepare new posts or correct mistakes. For every social media, there are basic recommendations about when to post content. Try to use them, maybe they`ll help you.

And now, we came to the final part of our article – content curation tools. Why do we need them? Well, with it`s help it will be easier to start and improve your curation skills. So, let`s see what we have.


What to see what key influencers are sharing and when they are doing it? With Buzzsumo, you will have an opportunity to see this. You are able to choose a specific period of time (last few hours or last few days) to check all the content that appears. However, to use such advantages, you should pay. From $79 to $559 per month.

Twitter listTwitter list

If you are a regular Twitter user, you have probably heard about such option. With Twitter list, you are able to check all things that are happening right now, including post sharing and other things dedicated to content.


With this smart tool, you are able to Save articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or application. From any device. You agree that this is much better than saving hundreds of emails with links and texts that are important for you. Pocket will keep all your information in one place, and you are able to use them at any moment.


Such tool gives you an ability to work with all needed resources, including news resources, websites and other pages. You can also share your favorite posts with your friends.


So, here it is – our short guide about content curation. We get here everything that you need to know about it, and even more. We hope you`ll use our recommendations during your work.


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