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Alla Bogdan Alla Bogdan in Articles, Videos Less than a minute read

How To Create The Link Post They Will Click On
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How to create the post they will click? 3 fundamentals of the effective link active post. Watch the video guide and create these posts in a minute with PromoRepublic!

  • Mark Anstead

    You say you can use this for FB ads but isn’t there way too much text on the image? Doesn’t FB penalise your ad reach if you use an image with lots of text?

    • Alla Bogdan

      It definitely makes sense, Mark. Nevertheless, now Facebook doesn’t penalize your ad if it contains 20%+ text. It just reflects on the amount of people who can see your add – it will be less. If you have much text in the picture, you can easily edit it and download exactly the one you need.

    • Alla Bogdan

      Hey Mark!
      Thanks for your comment. Facebook now allows you to use 20%+ text in the picture, but you’re right, it also cuts the number of people who could see your ad. With PromoRepublic’s Graphics Editor, you can easily edit any picture and add/delete the text in it.

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