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Alla Bogdan Alla Bogdan Reading time: 6 minutes

How to Create and Use GIFs to Improve Your Marketing

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  1. Introduction
  2. Types Of GIFs
  3. Where To Find A GIF
  4. How To Create A GIF
  5. How To Publish a GIF

1. Introduction

Whether it’s to add a clever reference, express an emotion or to showcase memorable moments from movies or TV shows, social media images are never more popular than when they are converted into a moving picture, or GIF – graphics interface format.

Short and sweet, a GIF contains dynamic content that’s rich in meaning and is rarely considered spammy. People like GIFs, plain and simple. They have a mystique about them – they’re like social media’s shiny not-so-new toy.

how to pronounce GIF

2. Types Of GIFs

At first glance, GIFs seem to be nothing special but funny animation that can replace the answer or make the post more attractive. But in point of fact, GIFs can be a real piece of art, like cinemagraphs for instance. They can be in line with a portfolio of professional and expensive designer. Take a look at this gorgeous cinemagraph of the globally-known brand Tiffany & Co.

woman hair gif

All this is great, but you want to know what value these visuals can bring to your social media campaigns. The online evidence is clear. Every example you’ll see in this tutorial is a real Facebook post. Like usual – every post is fresh (from 2016-2017) and provided with the link, so you can go to the page and see it.

Now let’s talk about this incredibly effective type of content you need so much for your marketing! So, there are 3 popular types of GIFs:

  • Reaction GIFs
  • Looping GIFs
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Reaction GIFs

christmas gif asos
Perhaps the most well-known genre, reaction GIFs are a way to show responses and emotions. Using an animated clip, one can show absolutely anything – from general feelings to specific and situational answers.

There some posts on social you just can not leave without a like, share or comment. This December reaction GIF from ASOS is one of such posts!

Reaction GIFs better fit answers, that’s true. But thanks to the latest Facebook update you can comment with a GIF that will be published in actual size. That means it can be seen by everyone.

Take a look at Google Trends analytics for the keyword “reaction gif.” The interest in reaction GIFs has continued to rise, peaking around this time last year. It’s expected that interest in GIFs will grow well into the existing year.

GIF popularity, statistics


  • Looping GIFs


looped gif, bycicle

The best perfect loops keep viewers mesmerized not only because of the subject, but also because they make you wonder how they were made to play seamlessly.

It’s cool to publish the GIFs related to your industry. It’s totally reasonable to expect bigger engagement for the content that your target audience is interested in. The guys from Singletrack Mountain Bike posted the “Bike” GIF and received 120 shares!

Soon, I will tell you how to create a GIF from any video you like, but first let’s talk about the next type of GIF, Cinemagraphs.

  • Cinemagraphs


wine GIF

Cinemagraphs are part picture, part animation (remember, the example with Tiffany?) With only one or two, usually subtle areas of motion like distant waterfalls or city streets, these GIFs tend to have a serene, peaceful quality. Thanks to visual effects, one feels that time is passing as opposed to a moment replaying.

Take a look at the Michael David Winery post from April 2016. The winery used the cinemagraphs to promote themselves on via Facebook ads. I don’t know what exact budget they spent for this promotion, but they achieved a pretty good result. Don’t you think it’s a great idea to use a cool animation instead of a boring static image? No doubt, this type of visual will attract much more “Likes” on the page. They definitely have one from me! 🙂

You may like this type of GIFs, but there is one downside to them – cinemagraphs are quite difficult to create. If you want to create your own cinemagraph, watch this great video tutorial that explains the process you can follow using your own footage and Photoshop.

3. Where To Find A GIF

When using Google’s Image Search, track down any GIF by clicking “Search Tools” under the search bar, then go into the “Any Type” dropdown and select “Animated.” Voila! A page full of GIFs to pick through. Not 100% of the results are animated, but you’ll find a lot of gems.

How to find GIF in Google

I also want to show you the TOP 3 Websites that offer GIFs to enhance your social media marketing:

  • Reaction GIFs

What do you want to express: happiness, excitement, confusion or satisfaction? Just select your “feeling,” and suitable GIFs will be displayed from which you can choose.

  • GIFs from Last Night

Newsjacking in your social and the power of situational marketing is vital to viral marketing, and you should post something in that vein at least once a day:). I’ve talked about this before. If you want your posts go viral, it’s great to be first with news, but you at least need to be among the first.

GIFs from Last Night offers you many situational animated visuals, but I also do recommend you to keep your fingers on the pulse and subscribe for PromoRepublic. This content calendar has a special layer – Trend, and daily uploads ready made posts templates based on hot news, events, and trends.

PromoRepublic scheduling tool



Not only is this the largest GIF resource, but the navigation is also top-notch, allowing you to quickly find the perfect GIF for any emotion or mood. These guys are my favorite team in the world of GIFs. You can not just download their free GIFs and upload yours, but also create your own thanks to their latest update! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how to do this in 3 easy steps!

4. How to Create A GIF

Now I will show you how to create any GIF of any duration from scratch!

Let the magic begin!

  1. Download free GIPHY application to your desktop. iOS only:(
  2. Open any video you want to capture your GIF from.
  3. Open the application and choose the video aria.


How to create a GIF

Save the GIF and upload it on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Alla PromoRepublic GIF

5. How To Publish a GIF

  • On Facebook

When you create the GIF, you will have the option to upload it on the GIPHY service. You need to do this to get the URL that you will paste in Facebook post.

How to publish a GIF

To post your work, simply paste the URL of an animated GIF into Facebook’s “update status” field. You can then add text as usual.

Posting GIF to Facebook

  • On Twitter

Twitter offers you pretty much ready made GIFs, so you can find your GIF of choice.

Posting GIF on Twitter

Or upload your own that you previously saved with GIPHY.

Composing GIF tweet

I hope you enjoyed this post and I encouraged you to create your own GIFs or use the ready made ones from my list of GIF services. I would appreciate if you’d leave comments below and say what you liked about this topic and whatnot. Tell me also what you want to learn next and I’ll add it to my list of upcoming tutorials. I wish you good luck hope you will join me with my free tutorial webinars every single Wednesday. Claim your spot here:

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awesome Alla ! thanks so much for this – wonderful resource information – cheers ! @FergDevins

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awesome post.. btw when can we find and share gifs via promo-republic ? 🙂

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This was a great article – and the video is very detailed. I appreciate how thorough you were. I always wondered how to make a gif. Thanks so much for making the tutorial easy to follow

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Sean Sumner

Great post, appreciate the details and I found a couple new resources 🙂


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