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Facebook messenger – the key tool for business
Richard Pritchard Reading time: 3 minutes

Facebook messenger – the key tool for business

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Sometimes people ignore things because they don`t know anything about it. They thing that if they already know something about their job or their sphere, it is enough for them. However, it`s the wrong position.

Businesspersons who worked with the social media for many years know that 90% of all applications, tools and features that came from the developers make their job easier. And Facebook messenger is one of these tools.

As you know, Facebook messenger is an application connected to Facebook that allows users to chat with each other, send text messages, photo and video files. You are able to use emojis, pictures and GIFs there.

In most cases, people use messenger for everyday chatting on their usual topics. However, marketers don`t even realize how easy they can integrate it into their business sphere. In this article, we will show them simple methods of using Facebook messenger for business.

Cooperating with other brands and companiesFacebook messenger for business

We know that you can`t just go and send a message to a businessman in the social media. Well, it`s possible, but he probably won`t answer you if you are aren`t a businessman, too. However, if you are a manager of a powerful brand and want to make a deal with someone from your sphere, you definitely should use Facebook messenger.

You just open the brand`s page and immediately see a window on the right bottom corner. It`s a messenger window that allows you to send messages to this brand. You can see the time that person spends on writing an answer for you like “they usually answer during five-ten minutes”. With this information, you can understand is it worth to communicate with this brand or not. If you see that there is no answer after a long time, it will be better to find someone else to cooperate with.

Communicating with your clients

It`s usual for us to see Facebook advertising posts with images, videos and text descriptions. People look at them, put likes and scroll their news feed to the next post. Why? Because they are accustomed to all these simple posts where you tell them about your new product, which is better than previous one. You need something special, and Facebook messenger can help you here.

When a person opens your page, he/she immediately sees a messenger window on the right bottom corner. Here they see a question “can I help you?”. People can forget about something that they were looking for. So, they can write you a message with a request to help them find something. You see that they want to buy something and, of course, answer them immediately. After a small consultation they will be able to choose something for a purchase. They get their product, you get your money. Excellent!

Communicating with your workers

In Facebook messenger, you are able to create a group where people can chat with each other. Why not to gather your team in one of those chats? It`s a smart move because you are able to send an important information to all your employees. At that time, employees will be able to inform you about something that they think you should know (for example, if someone can`t go to work tomorrow or something like that).

It`s a primitive advice, but people often forget about such ability. They start calling each other or sending paid SMSs. With Facebook messenger, the only thing you need to do is to open the chat and write the message. Simple? Of course! Free? Of course! Usable? Of course!

Final thoughts

Now you know that Facebook messenger is a smart and simple tool that could be used in business in different ways. If you know some other variants of applying it, let us know!

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