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What Is a Carousel Ad?

Carousel ad is a form of interactive advertisement presenting the user with a sequence of 2-10 images or videos on Facebook or Instagram. This type of advertisement is eye-catching and provides a great space to display the key features of your product. The interesting thing about carousel ads on Facebook is that each image or video in sequence can have its own link and message referring your customers to blog, site or landing. As you can see, it opens a bunch of opportunities for experiments and is very engaging.

If you are still not sure whether carousel ad should be preferred to single ads look through these statistics. Carousel ads in comparison to regular ads:

  • Drive 10 times more traffic
  • Have 72% higher CTR
  • Have 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion

These data prove that ad carousel is a cost-effective and engaging instrument. Now it is time to understand when and how to use it to gain the most for your business.

How to Use Carousel Ads?

To start your first Facebook carousel ads campaign, you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager cabinet and click “Create Ads” button;
  2. Choose the objective of your future campaign;
  3. Select the audience you plan to target during this particular campaign and the budget you are planning to spend.
  4. Post your ad and monitor its performance on the go.

Carousel ad can have many goals:

  • Product presentation – you can show several new products or some of their features
  • Customer feedback – you can survey in the form of ads to get you customers’ opinion
  • Content distribution – if you have a blog full of interesting articles, it is the right place to tell your customers about it
  • Discount offerings – display unique discounts within your ads to make them engaging
  • Brand storytelling – you can build or strengthen your brand through this advertising. You can tell the customers about your company if you are a newcomer or communicate its value if you want to strengthen the brand awareness
  • Lead generation – if the carousel is attractive enough, it will bring new followers to your corporate groups and increase the traffic flow to your website

Tips for the Best Carousel Advertising

When you are planning to create the carousel ad, it is essential to follow these simple tips to be successful:

  • Make the first image the most attractive – people do not want to spend much time on investigating ads, and engage them at first sight
  • Follow Facebook recommendations – the platform shows how to organize your carousel in the most efficient way
  • Tell the visual story – sometimes it is a good idea to construct the carousel from small cards, which form the big image displaying your main product or service

If you want to get the most from carousel ads, you have to prepare thoroughly for each campaign. You should clearly set up the goals of the advertising and prepare the creative content to catch the users’ attention. Remember that the interactive format of the carousel does not guarantee that it will be engaging. You have to be creative and plan the campaign beforehand to capitalize on its advantages.

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