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What Is a Promoted Tweet?

The promoted tweet can be defined as the ordinary tweet purchased by marketers to promote their products on larger audiences. Promoted tweets can typically appear on target customers’ profiles, on the live feed of Twitter and on top of specific search pages related to products. Businesses use them to receive higher engagement from their followers or to advertise some specific event. A good example is the launch of the new product or entrance to the new international market. You would like your potential customers to learn about the recent event and start promoting a tweet on this topic.

Promoted tweets can help to:

  • Bring traffic to your side
  • Streamline the lead generation
  • Offer discounts or special offers to target customers

They typically appear more often in customers’ newsfeed and help to get the highest return-on-investment from the advertising.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Advertising Twitter Promoted Tweets

There are several steps for promoting a tweet, which qualified marketing manager has to follow:

  1. Click the “Advertise” button and choose the country for the promoted tweet on Twitter
  2. Write your tweet and post it with the help of the “Tweet” button
  3. Determine your target customers, promotional period and devices for ads display
  4. Determine your budget for this campaign using Twitter recommendations

What Does Promoting of Tweet Do for Your Business?

As we discussed earlier, promoted tweets are just another form of advertisement appearing on Twitter. They are typically used for promotion of big events or new product launches. The ability of promoted tweets to attract and engage the right audience is its greatest benefit for any business.

You have to be also aware of the advantages and drawbacks of promoted tweets application. To make a long story short, these tweets have higher engagement rates and are more relevant to your target audience. Besides, it is one of the cheapest advertising formats bringing clients to your website. At the same time, a promoted tweet will quickly disappear from your timeline if you do not engage with it. In addition, these tweets are not always welcomed by users, and they are likely to unfollow your account in the long term. Pay attention to your target customers and choose the ones demonstrating significant interest to similar products.

To get the most from your Twitter promotion strategy, you definitely need a plan for promoting a tweet:

  • Investigate your target customers to understand their needs and wants
  • Prepare valuable content that is worth sharing
  • Use hashtags to demonstrate your promoted tweet to a certain customer group
  • Analyze your Twitter campaigns using specialized social media monitoring tools and make the proper adjustments
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